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David DLR chapter 1

Rubenstein chapter 1

geographic information system a computer system that stores, organisms , analyzes, and displays geographic data
global positioning system a system that determines the precise position of something on earth through a series of satellites, tracking stations, and receivers
globalization Actions or processes that involve the entire world and results in making something worldwide in scope
greenwich mean time the time in the zone encompassing the prime meridian, or 0 longitude
hearth the region from which innovation ideas originate
hierarchical diffusion the spread of a feature or tread from one key person or node of authority or power to other persons or places
housing bubble a rapid increase in the value of houses followed by a sharp decline in their value
hydrosphere all of the water on and near earths surface
international date line an arc that for the most part follows 180 longitude, although it deviates in several places to avoid dividing land areas. when you cross the international date line heading east (toward america),
latitude the numbering system used to indicate the location of parallels drawn on a globe measuring distance north and south of the equator
lithosphere earths crust and a portion of upper mantle directly below the crust
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