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Crank Med Terms

Crank Health Core Medical terms

to separate -crit
hardening -sclerosis
used for visual examination -scope
instrument used to measure -meter
one who studies or practices -ologist
involuntary muscle traction -spasm
broken -clast
to undo; free from dis-
after meta-
surrounding peri-
through, across, beyond trans-
over or above super-
bad mal-
sweet glyc-
beside para-
twice a day BID, b.i.d., bid
do not resuscitate DNR
discontinue disc, DC, d.c.
gram g, gm
intravenous IV
temperature, pulse, and respirations TPR
power of hydrogen concentration pH
nothing by mouth past midnight NPO p MN
ointment oint., ung
Alcoholics Anonymous AA
freely, as often as desired ad lib
calcium Ca
computed tomography CT
electromyography EMG
multiple sclerosis MS
oculus dexter (right eye) OD
electroencephalogram EEG
electrocardigram ECG, EKG
hodgkin's disease HD
herpes simplex virus HSV
arterisclerotic heart disease ASHD
chest x-ray CXR
basal metabolic rate BMR
fasting blood sugar FBS
sexually - transmitted disease STD
cesarean section C-section, CS
expected date of confinement (birth) EDC
Skin cutane, dermat, derm
hair pil
eyes ocul, opthalm
capillaries capill
lungs pneum, pneumon
ovaries oophor, ovari
uterus hyster, metr, metri, uter
pharynx pharying
urinary bladder cyst, vesic
back, behind retro
four tetra
large macro
not im
below hypo
before pre
many poly
change mul
to hand something appedn
to or towards ad
from or away ad
Alcoholics Anonymous AA
syrup syr
immediately stat
every morning q am
after meals p.c.
out of bed OOB
emergency room er
biopsy Bx
hour h
intravenous IV
with c
left ear AS, a.s.
quantity sufficient q.s.
rupture orrhexis
smell odia
vomiting emisis
cell cyte
killing cidal
surgical procedure centesis
pertaining to al
visual examination scopy
control or stop stasis
influencing tropic
inflammantion itia, itis
fast tachy
beside para
not im
bad mal
slow brady
against anti
between inter
before pre
half semi
under or below sub
from or away ab
Created by: susan crank