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What is the system that a community uses to produce goods and services? Economy.
What is a complex society that has cities,or a well organized government? Civilization.
What is a supply of something that can be used as needed? Resource.
What is set of shared beliefs? Religion.
What are groups of people that occupy different ranks or levels in society? Social classes.
What is a region of the middle east that stretches in a large , crescent -shaped curve from the Persian gulf to the Mediterranean . Fertile crescent.
What is a wide, flat plain in present day in Iraq. Mesopotamia.
What is the belief in more than one god? Polytheism.
What is a supply of water? Irrigate.
What were large temples in the Sumerian cities called? Ziggurats.
What is a independent that includes a city surrounding a territory? Zity-state .
What is system of writing that use triangular shaped symbols? Cuneiform.
What is a state containing several countries or territories? Empire..
What is an independent state that works with other states to achieve a shared military or political goal? Ally.
What is an idea or way of doing things that is in common in a certain culture. Cultural trait.
What is a set of laws that governed life in the Babylonian empire? Hammurabi's Code .
What is the idea that all members of a society -even the rich and powerful must obey the law. Rule of law.
What are soldiers who fight while riding horses? Calvary.
What is a permanent army of professional soldiers? Standing army.
What is a payment made to show loyalty to a stronger power? Tribute .
What is money that is used as a medium of exchange ,usually bills or coins? Currency.
What is a carved stone slab or pillar that stands on end? Stele.
What is a good service sold within a country that is produced in another country? Import.
What is a good or service produced within a country and sold outside the country's borders. Export.
What is the art of steering a ship place to place ? Navigation
What is an area ruled by a distant country? Colony.
What is the spreading of cultural traits from one region to another? Cultural diffusion.
What is a small set of letters or symbols? Alphabet.
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