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An _________ is the system that a community uses to produce and distribute goods and services? Economy
What is a place which is complicating and well organized government? Civilization
The supply has ___________ in it? Resources
What is it called when there is a god and people believe in different gods named ? Religion
_____________ are grouped people for rank or level in society. Social class
What is the place called which is a region next to the Mediterranean sea? Fertile crescent
________ is a trading system which exchange items instead of money. Barter
____________ is a city in the fertile crescent and is a big city? Mesopotamia
___________ is when people believe in more than one god. Polytheism
_______ or supply water,to their crops. Irrigate
What is the place where it is a temple in the Mesopotamia Ziggurat
What is a place that is a independent state that conclude a city? City-state
_________ is a form of sales taxes and agreements. Cuneiform
An _________ is a state containing several countries or territory. Empire
What is a place were they friends or ________ help by soldiers or materials. Ally
A __________ _________ is an idea way of doing things that is common in a certain culture. Cultural Trait
A set of laws are called what. Hammurabi's Code
What is a idea from all members of the society? Rule of Law
What is it called when people ride horses for battle? Cavalry
A ______ ________ is a permanent army of professional soldiers. Standing Army
What is it when payment is for more loyalty? Tribute
_________ is money that is used as medium of exchange. Currency
A ________ is a tomb or stone slab. Stele
what is it for selling things inside. Import
What is it called when they sell out the place. Export
What is it called when they use it for the sea and to _______ in the water. Navigation
A __________ is a area that is ruled by a distant city. Colony
What is it when it is spreading cultural traits. Cultural diffusion
What is it when its a symbol or a letter of a ________. Alphabet
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