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what lines run east and west around the earth? latitude
latitude and longitude for a pattern crossed lines what is it called? global grid
what two lines run north and south around earth? meridian and longitude
what is another name for longitude? parallel
what is another name for meridian? longitude
what is it called in the north hemisphere about latitude 23 n? Tropic of cancer
south of the equator, at about latitude 23 s, what is it called? Tropic of Capricorn
what is the section of earth between Tropic of cancer and Tropic of Capricorn what is it known as? Tropical zone
what is another name for Tropical zone? Torrid zone
what is the latitude called? Arctic circle
what is another name for Arctic circle? Antarctic circle
what is known as the zones north? Frigid zones
what is another name for frigid zones? Polar regions
what is between Tropic of cancer, Antarctic circle and Tropic of Capricorn what is it known as? Temperate zone
what is it called when imaginary line goes between the north pole the south pole? Axis
what is a system that a community uses to produce and distributing good and services? Economy
what is it called when a complex society that has cities, well-organized government, and workers with specialized job skills? civilization
what is it called when a supply of something that can be used as needed? Resource
what established or set of shared beliefs about supernatural powers that created and rule the world? Religion
what are groups of people that occupy different ranks or levels in society? Social classes
what is the region of the middle East that stretches in large, crescent-shape curve form the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean sea? Fertile Crescent
what fertile crescent includes a wide, flat plain in present-day Iraq? Mesopotamia
what did Sumerians use technology or supply water to, their crops? Irrigate
what is the independent state that includes a city and its surrounding territory? City-state
what is a trading system in which people exchange good directly without using money? Barter
what is it called when the belief is more than one god? Polytheism
what is a pyramid-shaped brick towers known as? Ziggurats
what writing system did the Sumerians create? Cuneiform
what is the state containing several countries known as? Empire
what is a independent state that works with other states to achieve a shared military or political goal? Ally
what is an idea or way of doing things that common in a certain culture? Cultural trait
what is a set of laws that governed life in the Babylonian empire? Hammurabi's code
what was the idea that all members of society-even the rich and poor had to do? Rule of law
what soldiers who fight while riding horses? Calvary
what is a permanent army of professional soldiers? Standing army
what is a payment made to show loyalty to a strong power? Tribute
what is money that is used as a medium of exchange, usually bills or coins? Currency
what is a carved stone slab or pillar that stands on end? Stele
what is a good or service sold within a country that is produced in another country? Import
what is a good or service produced within a country and sold outside the country's borders? Export
what became experts at___or the art of steering a ship from place to place? Navigation
what is a area ruled by a distance country? Colony
what is the spreading of cultural traits from one region to another? Cultural diffusion
what is small set of letters or symbols, each of which stands for a single sound? Alphabet
what river in ancient times roared through six____, or groups of rocky rapids? Cataracts
what is an area of sediment- soil or minerals carried by water- deposited at the mouth of the river? Delta
what is or skilled workers who practice a handicraft? Artisans
what is or a king, of a united Egypt? Pharaoh
what is a ruling family? Dynasty
what is or system of offices or officials that handle the business of government? Bureaucracy
what is a body preserved by a special process? Mummy
what is a drawing or symbol that represents a word or sound? Hieroglyphic
Egyptians invented a material similar to paper what was it? Papyrus
what is the structure with triangular sides? Pyramid
what is a statue or other free- standing piece of art made of clay, stone, or other material? Sculpture
what is the study off structure of the body and its organs? Anatomy
what is the buying and selling of goods and services? Commerce
what is a hard white material made from these tusks? Ivory
what is or dependence by each country or group on the other? Interdependence
what did the Nubians create one of the world's first alphabets? Meroitic script
what is a black wood from west Africa, and elephants tusks, valued as a source of Ivory from east and central Africa? Ebony
what is the largest country in Asia China
what is a yellowish brown soil that blows in from the desert? loess
what is platforms of earth that look like stairs? Terraces
what cuts through the China plain? Huang river
historians trace human settlement and culture in china to the__? North China plain
what is the country's capital, located on the north tip of the plain? Beijing
what wall is it within its riverbank? Levees
what region is in south east in china? Guangxi Zhuangzi
what is it called when farmers in this region use cultivation system? Double cropping
what mountain ranges to the north and south? Tibetan Plateau
what is the pictures that represent words and characters in the Chinese? Pictograph
what dynasty began in 1760 and between 1500 B.C? Shang Dynasty
what was the period during tools and weapons were made? Bronze age
a Zhou leader's army conquered the armies of the last Shang ruler, and then what began? Zhou dynasty
what did____ make silk worms? Silk
in the second century China had only one way to connect with the rest of the world on land- the___? Silk road
what dynasty became ruler of the kingdom in china in 238 B.C.? Qin dynasty
what dynasty began in 220 A.D.? Han dynasty
who was the ruler that ruled 141-87 B.C.? Wu Di
what was the practice of using skills and talent to work in the government? Civil service
what was commonly used during the Shang dynasty to predict the future? Oracle Bones
what did the Qin dynasty's name change in to? Shi Huangdi
what did china build that was being build for over a thousand years? Great Wall
what people did or go between sellers and buyers? Middlemen
in China who was known as Kung Fuzi orr master Kung? Confucius
what was revived older Zhou texts as well as, such as the____? book of documents
what was a collection of sayings by Confucius that were written down by his students? Analects
what was a way of thinking and living continued to develop centuries after Confucius died? Confucianism
what is the belief in finding the way or the dao, of the universe? Daoism
what was great teacher of Daoism and taught before Confucius Laozi
what dynasty suffered through nearly four centuries of unrest? Sui dynasty
what is considered one of China's greatest dynasty? Tang dynasty
who came power in the early years of the tang dynasty? Wu Hou
In 960 what dynasty united warring groups and established a strong central rule? Song dynasty
what was or universal rule? Genghis Khan
who was Genghis Kan's grandson? Kublai Khan
what conquest marked the beginning of China's first ruler? Yuan dynasty
what dynasty came to power in 1368? Ming dynasty
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