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Phlebotomy Class

Medical terminology

Pseudo False
Quadri Four
Quint Five
Retro Backward
Semi / Hemi Half
Sub Below / Under
Super Above
Sym / Syn together
Tetra Four
Tri Three
Uni One
Ang (i) (io) Vessel
Angin To choke
Arter (i)(io) Artery
Capillus Hairlike
Card(i)(io) Heart
Cubitum Forearm
Cyte Cell
Derm Skin
Electr(o) Electricity
Embol To cast , throw
Erg(o) to work
Erythr(o) Red
Hem(o) Blood
Infarct tissue death
Lipid Fat
Olog(y), Log Study
Man(o) thin
My(o) muscle
Phleb(o) vein
Pulmonar Lung
Rrhyth Rhythm
Scler Hardening
Sera Serum
Sphygm(o) Pulse
Steth(o) chest
Tens tension
Thromb Clot
Ven(i) Vein
Vas(o) Vessel
Algia Pain
Blast Immature
Cele Hernia, Tumor
Centesis Surgical Procedure
Cyte Cell
Desis Binding
Ectomy Surgical Removal
Emesis Vomiting
Gram weight, record
Graph to write, record
ia condition
ist specializing in
itis inflammation
logy study of
lysis deatruction
megaly enlargment
meter measure
oid resemble
oma tumor
osis condition
pathy disease
penia deficiency
Phagia to eat
Phasia to speak
Philia attraction
Phobia fear
phraxis to obstruct
Physis growth
Plasia to form, produce
Plasty surgical repair
Plegia Paralysis
Plexy surgical fixation
Pnea breathing
Poiesis formation
Ptosis drooping
Ptysis spitting
Rrhea flow, discharge
Rrhexis rupture
Scope Instrument
Tome Instrument
Rraphy suture
Rrhage(ia) bursting forth
therapy treatment
tripsy crushing
scopy to view
stasis control, to stop
stomy new opening
tomy incision
trophy nourishment
Uria urine
Appendi appendix
Arthr(o) joints
Burs(a) fluid filled sac
Chole Bile
Cyst Bladder
Col Colon
Derma Skin
Enceph Brain
Gastr(O) Stomach
Enter Intestines
Hepa Liver
Mening Lining of Brain
Nephr(o) Kidneys
Osteo Bone
Myel covering
Chondr(o) cartilage
Pancrea Pancreas
Periton Abdominal Wall
Rhin(o) Nose
Ophth(o) Eye
Aural Ear
Glossi tongue
Histo tissue
Neur(o) Nerve
A / An without
Ab Away from
Ad toward
Ambi both
Epi upon, above
Eu Good
Hetero different
Homo / Homeo similar / same
Peri through , around
Poly many
Post after
Pre / Pro before
Ante before
Auto self
Bi two , double
Brachy short
Brady slow
Centi a hundred
Cirum / Peri around
Contra against
Deca ten
Di two
Dipl double
Dys bad , difficult
Ecto outer
Endo Inner
Hydro water
Hyper Excessive , above
Hypo Below , deficient
Inter between
Intra within
Mal bad
mega large
micro small
tachy rapid
cubital direction
milli one - thousandth
multi many , much
nulli none
oligo scant , small amount
pan all
para beside
primi first
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