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Culinary Frnch Wrds

RCCTC Culinary Arts French Words

MISE EN PLACE Put in place
JULIENNE A cut in strips 1/8 X 1/8 X 2 or 3
GRILLER To grill, broil, or barbeque
HACHER To chop
FLAMBE To flame
BRAISER To brase
BRUNOISE cut into 1/8 X 1/8 dice
ALA CARTE Foods prepared to order; each dish priced seperately
AU GRATIN term applied to foods which have a crust formed by browning grated cheese and or bread crumbs on the surface
AU JUS with natural juices
BLANCHER To blanche
GARNI peppercorns
CONSOMME clear soup, made from clarified stock, served hot or chilled
COUSCOUS North African pasta, made from a paste of semolina and water, dried and ground
CROUTON White bread cut in various shapes, fried or toasted
CRUDITIES Raw vegetables served as a HorsD'Oeuvre or relish
DEGRAISSER To skim or remove excess fat
ESSENCES A single flavor
FILET MIGNON Small cut from the tenderloin
FLEURONS A pastry cut in a crescent shape
FOND A stock or base
GARDEMANGER Department of a kitchen that prepres cold foods - salads, buffet items
HOLLANDAISE 1 of 5 primary sauces using butter and egg yolk
INFUSER To infuse or inject with flavor
JUS juices from a roast
JUS LIE Thickened juices from a roast
LIAISON Binding or thickening agent: classically - egg yolk and cream
LIER To thicken
MANDOLINE A very fine slicer-cutter utinsel
MIREPOIX An aromatic blend of vegetables used for stocks
MONTER AU BEURRE To stir in butter
NAPPE The desired consistency of a sauce
NAPPER To test for the thickness of a sauce on the back of a spoon
PILAF Rice that has first been cooked in fat, then simmered in stock or other liquid, usually with onions and/or seasonings
RESTAURATEUR A person who ownes a restaurant
ROUX Flour and fat, cooked, used as a binding or thickening agent
SACHET A Mixture of herbs and spices tied in a cheesecloth bag
SAVORY A general term used to refer to foods that are the opposite of sweet
SOUFFLE A dish either sweet or savory, made of pureed ingredients thickened with egg yolks, and with stiffly besten egg whites folded in and baked in as souffle dish
SINGER To sprinkle or dust with flour
VAPEUR To steam
VINAIGRETTE Mixture or oil and vinegar seasoned with salt and peper
ZEST The colored, aromatic of citrus fruits
GROSSE PIECE Centerpiece of a buffet platter
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