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medieval west africa

Natural Resource A resource taken from nature. Not man-made.
Trade Route A path taken by one or more countries in order to trade. Trade strengthens economy and helps it run.
Sahara Desert One of the hottest deserts located in Northern Africa. Was a big obstacle for trade.
Tribute A fee that a leader or another country pays in order to be protected. Sort of like surrendering.
Savanna A place with tall grasses and scattered trees.
Taxes Fees imposed by the government on things like goods or shelter.
Population Growth When the population of an area is increased.
Sahel Similar to a savanna.
Extended Families Immediate family plus aunts, cousins, grandparents, etc.
Government The authorities over a certain state. There are different types of government.
Kingdom of Ghana A very rich kingdom that used to be in Africa.
Monarchy A type of government with a king or an heir.
Wangara Had lots of gold. Citizens kept gold mines a secret.
Taghaza Place for trade between salt merchants gold miners.
Trans-Saharan Trade The trade that took place after crossing a specific trade route, the Saharan Desert.
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