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Muslim civilization

Define monotheism The belief in one god.
What are common characteristics of a civilization during a golden Age? 1. Advancements of math and science 2. Advancements in art and archetechture
What helped advancements in the areas of science and literature in Islam during the golden age? Islam was tolerant of other religions, customs and governments. (Cultural Diversity)
How did Islam rule over the people they conquered? They were tolerant of the people they captured allowing them to practise their own religion and maintain their cultural beliefs.
When was the Golden Age of Islam? During the Abassid and Ummayad Empires
What are the rules that the muslims follow? The Five Pillars of Islam
What are the Five Pillars of Wisdom? 1. There is only one god and that is Allah 2. You must pray five times a day facing Mecca 3. You must give alms, charity to the poor 4. Fast from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan 5. At least once in your lifetime you must make a
What is the sacred text of Islam? The Quaran, Koran
What is the major difference between the Sunnis and Shiites? The Sunnis believe the successor to Muhammed should come from his tribe and the Shiites believe the successor should come from Muhammeds bloodline.
What contributed to the rise of the Ottoman Empire? The conquest of Constantinople.
What practise helped Suleiman the Magnificent and Akbar the Great expand their Empires? Political stability and religious tolerance.
Created by: Dcrawford