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WH Final Exam

What was Hitler confident about the Treaty of Versailles? Western states would not have to use force.
What part of Czechoslovakia did Hitler want and get? Sudetenland.
In 1940, Japan was forced to decide what? Indochina's raw materials or U.S. oil and scrap iron.
Why did Hitler plan to conquer the Soviet Union? To secure the land and Slavic slaves to strengthen the Reich.
Why did Truman want to avoid invasion of Japan? He believed that Americans would suffer heavy losses.
Who were victims of Hitler? Jews, Slavic People, and Gypsies.
The U.S. and Great Britain believed that the liberated nations of Eastern Europe should do what? Believed that they should hold free elections to determine their future
What country became communist in 1949 which in tern made the U.S. fear the spread of communism? China.
Northern Ireland fighting in the 60's and 70's was against what two religious groups? Catholics and Protestants.
Why was the Berlin Wall built? To prevent from Germans from defecting to West Germany.
Gorbechev soon realized that economic reform would not succeed without what? Political reform.
How did President Carter protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan? By cancelling the US participation in the 1980 Olympic Games.
By 1980 what was the Soviet Union ailing from? A declining economy, rising infant mortality, and poor working conditions.
Why did Margaret Thatcher resign? After her plan to replace local property taxes with a national flat-rate tax was rejected, she resigned.
Why did the U.S. join allies in fighting WWI? The German Unrestricted use of Submarine Warfare.
Stalin's 5 year plans were intended to transform Russia into what? An Industrial Society.
Great Britain's Appeasement Policy Was based on Prime Minister Chamberlain's belief in Adolf Hitler's promises.
Britain and France declared war on Germany two days after Hitler's invasion of what country? Poland.
Mudken Incident The attack on a Japanese Railway by Japanese soldiers disguised as Chinese.
What happened on December 7,1941? Japan launched a surprise attack on the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor.
What happened at Dunkirk? The Royal Navy and private civilians evacuated 338,000 allied troops.
Blitzkrieg Hitler's form of attack that used tanks supported by air attacks.
What happened during the battle of Stalingrad? The entire German sixth Army was lost.
What did the Battle of Midway Island accomplish? The turning point of the war in Asia that established US naval superiority over Japan.
Total War Involved a complete mobilization of resources of people.
What did the USSR, the US, and Great Britain, all insist on at Yalta? That Germany surrendered unconditionally.
The Tehran Conference of 1943. Set in motion a plan that involved German being divided along a north-south line into the East and West.
The Marshall Plan. Designed to restore the economic stability of all European Nations after WWII.
What did the Nazis build when the Einsatzguppen proved to be too slow? Special Extermination camps in Poland.
Heinrich Himmler Administered the Nazi's Final Solution.
Warsaw Pact Sought to create a military alliance between the Soviet Union and various eastern nations.
What did the Truman Doctrine state that the US would give to nations threatened by Communist expansion? Money
Cold War A period of political tension following WWII.
What did Egyptian Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser do in 1956? He ceased the Suez canal company from Britain and France.
Name three areas that Israel gained control over during the Six-Day War. Sinai Peninsula, West Bank Territory, and the Golan Heights.
What policy did the US adopt toward the Soviet Union to stop the spread of communism? Containment
What did many Americans fear when the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik I Satellite in 1957? That the Soviet Union was ahead of the US in the production of missiles.
Joseph Mccarthy The US senator responsible for the anti-communist movement known as the Red Scare.
North American Free Trade Agreement Sought to establish cooperative trade guidelines between the US, Mexico, and Canada.
One of European Union's first goals was the establishment of what? Common European Currency.
Major Causes of WWI. Growth of Nationalism, Militarism, Internal Dissent
Who's military war plan called for war on two fronts? General Von Schlieffen
What kind of warfare was characterized in the Western front that kept both sides in virtually the same position for four years? Trench Warfare
Who were the Central Powers? Austria-Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire.
Militarism The aggressive preparation for war which was growing along with the nations' armies.
What did President Wilson argue for at the Paris Peace Conference? He wanted a league of nations to prevent future wars.
Treaty of Versailles Germany was to pay for war damage, give up land to a new Polish state, and return Alsace and Lorraine to France.
Nuremberg Laws Laws excluding Jews from German Citizenship.
Fascist Government A strong central government being led by a dictatorial leader.
What was Hitler's Goal? A Third Reich, or German Empire.
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