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Use these games to review for your 3rd Quarter Test

Which river, located in northern China, is also known as the Yellow River because of the yellow silt it leaves behind. Huang He River
In addition to many gods, ancient Chinese also worshiped _______?________. their ancestors
The following is NOT true about the Silk Road. Silk pieces were left behind to mark the road
Who is considered to be the first emperor of China? Shi Huangdi
Along which river system did Harrapa and Mohenjo-daro develop? Indus River
What was unique about how the people of the Indus Valley (Harrapa and Mohenjo-daro) planned their cities? They used a grid pattern for their streets and developed the world’s first sewer systems.
Why did farmers rely on monsoons in India? The monsoon winds brought rain in summer for their crops.
Which emperor of the Mauyran Empire converted to Buddhism after the battle of Kalinga and spread the religion through the work of missionaries ? Asoka
What is the caste system? a way to organize society in India made up of four social classes
This philosopher believed people should withdrawal from society and live with nature. His ideas became Daoism. Lao-Tzu
This philosopher thought government should lead by example and people should be polite and follow laws. His ideas became Confucianism. Confucius
Which group of people settled India after the Indus Valley Civilizations disappeared. Their sacred texts, the Vedas, became the foundation for Hinduism. The Aryans
Where did Hinduism and Buddhism develop? India
Where did Christianity and Judaism develop? Israel
Where did Islam develop? Mecca
What Hindu idea describes the sum of a person's deeds during a lifetime? In Western thought it is the idea that "what goes around, comes around." karma
Buddhists and Hindus practice the concept of ahimsa. Why do many Hindus and Buddhists choose to be vegetarians in today’s world? They value all forms of human and animal life
Which religion makes up 80% of India’s population? Hinduism
Which of the following concepts is shared by Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? They are monotheistic
According to Buddhism, what must one overcome to end suffering? all selfish desires
Buddhism was founded by a Hindu prince named _____?______ who achieved enlightenment while meditating. Siddhartha Gautama
Christianity originated from the teachings of ____?_____ Jesus
Hinduism traces it's roots to the ___?____ who traveled to India Aryans
Judaism was founded by ____?_____ who had a covenant with God Abraham
Islam was founded by ____?_____ who converted the Arab tribes to monotheism Mohammed
The Christian holy book Bible
The holy book of Judaism Torah
Written by gurus and became the holy book of Hinduism Upanishads
The holy book of Islam Quran
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