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Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian World Civ. Unit 9 Test Flashcards 2018

According to the video "Bizarre Foods: Tokyo", what type of fish is the "most prized" in the "Tokyo food scene"? Tuna
Why has the price of this fish “skyrocketed” in the past decade? This has occurred due to rising prices that are the result of over-fishing.
What is Chef Yamada’s “message” to other chefs by cooking the fish in the ways that he does? His message is to use all parts of the fish in order to preserve the species.
Which country brought "horamon" to Japan “in the early 1900’s? Korean immigrants brought this to Japan in the early 1900's.
What do “Ben (Chef Ben Hasegawa) and the cooks” perform in the front of the restaurant before it opens? He and his cooks perform a Shinto cleansing ritual before the restaurant opens.
According to the video "Ancient Megastructure: Angkor Wat", what religion did people practice at Angkor Wat? The people who resided there practiced the Hindu religion.
Why did Suryavarman II chose the god Vishnu as his patron when he became ruler? He chose this god as his patron god because he is the god of war and he wanted to send a strong message to his people.
Why do the bas reliefs on the stone at Angkor Wat shine like they do today? These shine due to the oil from tourist's hands who has touched them.
What is currently threatening the most famous bas relief at Angkor Wat - the relief showing the Hindu god Vishnu and other gods pulling a giant serpent against demons? Runoff water that is leaking on them from broken gutter systems are resulting in this.
How were the huge blocks of laterite transported the 30 km's from the mountain where it was cut to Angkor Wat? These were transported on small rafts made of wood that were floated down the river to the construction site.
List the names of the first three (3) Chinese dynasties that we learned about in order. 1.) Sui Dynasty; 2.) Tang Dynasty; 3.) Song Dynasty
What was one (1) major project that emperor Sui Yangdi complete? One project that he completed was construction of the Grand Canal that linked the Huang He and the Chang Jiang rivers.
Complete the following sentence: "The Tang Dynasty lasted from ________ to _________ C.E." 618 to 907.
How did early Tang rulers "try to create a more stable economy"? They did this by giving land to the peasants and breaking up the power of the owners of the large estates.
What does the term "Uighurs" mean/ refer to? This term refers to a northern tribal group of Turkic-speaking people who were hired by Tang rulers to fight for the dynasty.
Complete the following sentence: "The Song dynasty lasted from ________ to __________." 960 to 1279.
Why did Song rulers move the imperial court to Hangzhou? They did this due to threats from tribal groups from the north that crossed into northern China and occupied large parts of Chinese territory.
List three (3) things that the Chinese invented during the Song dynasty. 1.) Steel making (for swords and sickles); 2.) Cotton farming (to use for clothes-making); 3.) Gunpowder (for making a primitive flame thrower called a "fire lance").
List three (3) things that the Chinese exported to other countries once trade resumed along the Silk Road. 1.) Tea; 2.) Silk; 3.) Porcelain.
List three (3) things that the Chinese imported from other countries once trade resumed along the Silk Road. 1.) Exotic woods; 2.) Precious stones; 3.) Tropical goods.
What four (4) social groups made up the "peasant class" during the Song dynasty? 1.) Landowners; 2.) Free peasants; 3.) Sharecroppers; 4.) Landless laborers.
What does the term "scholar-gentry" mean/ refer to? This term refers to "the landed gentry who controlled much of the land during the Song dynasty and produced most of the candidates for the civil service".
What does the term "dowry" mean/ refer to? This term refers to money, goods, or property that are given to the husband's family when a girl got married.
What is the name of the Chinese dynasty the took placed under the rule of Kublai Khan and the Mongols? This dynasty was called the Yuan dynasty.
What three (3) things ended the Mongol's rule over the Chinese? 1.) Too much spending on foreign conquests; 2.) Corruption at court; 3.) Growing internal instability.
What dynasty took over China after the Yuan dynasty? The Ming dynasty began after this dynasty fell.
What does the term "porcelain" mean/ refer to? This term refers to "a ceramic made of fine clay baked at very high temperatures".
What does the term "samurai" mean/ refer to? This term refers to a group of warriors who fought on horseback , serving as a security force for the people who hired them.
What does the term "bushido" mean/ refer to? This term refers to a strict warrior code that Japanese "samurai" warriors were supposed to live by.
What does the term "shogun" mean/ refer to? This term means "general" and refers to a Japanese military leader who led Japanese empires beginning in the 13th century C.E.
What does the term "daimyo" mean/ refer to? This term means "great names" and refers to the heads of Japanese noble families in the 13th century C.E.
What does the term "kami" mean/ refer to? This term refers to spirits that were worshiped by early Japanese people. They were believed to live in trees, rivers, streams, and mountains.
List two (2) things that the "Shinto" religion came to include as part of their doctrine.` 1.) The belief in the divinity of the emperor; 2.) The sacredness of the Japanese nation.
What does the term "archipelago" mean/ refer to? This term refers to "a chain of islands".
Complete the following sentence: "The ___________________ were one of the first people in Southeast Asia to develop their own state and their own culture." Vietnamese.
What is the difference between "agricultural societies" and "trading societies"? "Agricultural societies" have economies that are focused on farming while "trading societies" depend on trade with other countries/ nations for their income.
How was the state of Melaka created? This state was created when the number of people who converted to the Islamic religion in the region grew, becoming the majority, in port cities in northern India.
What was the role of women in societies in Southeast Asia compared to their role in Chines societies? Women played a much greater role in these societies, working side-by-side with men in the fields and sometimes playing an active role in trading activities.
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