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All The Diseases III


embryonal carcinoma of the ovary malignant aggressive in young women with typically mit. active cells
Choriocarcinoma Malignant neoplasm of the Ovary most are in the uterus but may occur in the ovary too with cyto and syncitiotrophoblasts recapitulated responsive to therapy and secretes B-HCG
Tumors of the sex cord Stroma in the Ovary Fibroma and Granulosal
Fibroma Benign (80% of sex cord stromal tissue in the ovary solid white cut surface with bland spindles that may be thecal
Migs Fibroma a fibroma of the sex cord stroma that can present with pleural effusions, ascites, ovarian masses, may be the result of altered lymphatics
Granulosa Cell tumor of the Sex Cord Stroma Coffee bean appearance that secretes estrogen and has Cal Exnar bodies presents as post menopausal bleeding good prognosis but will reoccur
cause of most gyn malignancy deaths ovarian tumors
Created by: jmuame03