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Social Studies

Chapter 7 The World Social Studies Study Guide

Andes Mountains the world's longest mountain chain, located in western South America
Amazon Rainforest the largest rainforest on Earth
Amazon River the world's second longest river, located in the northern half of South America
Altiplano a region of plateaus and plains in the Andes
Lake Titicaca a lake in the Altiplano in South America where people settled due to it's mild climate, fertile soil, and means of transportation.
Peru a dry, mountainous country in western South America it's also the name of the present day country where the Chavin and Mochica lived.
Chavin an ancient city in southern South America; home to the Chavin people; accomplished artists (textiles, pottery, and stone carvings) and noted for fantastic images (cats, crocodiles, serpents, jaguars)
Machu Picchu a city built by the Inca people on a mountaintop in the Andes Mountains in present-day Peru
Pachacuti Greatest conqueror, that turned the Incas into rulers of the greatest empire in the Americas.
Topa Inca Great conqueror and Inca ruler and son of Pachacuti who doubled the size of the greatest empire in the Americas.
Francisco Pizarro c. 1478-1541 Spanish conquistador who defeated the Incas
Quipo a knotted rope used by the Incas to keep records
Mochica Mochica is a society in the river valleys between the mountains of Peru, that left behind a remarkable artistic legacy. They made ceramics that represented gods and everyday life. They were also farmers and skilled builders.
Cuzco The capital city of the Incan Empire, Located in present-day Peru
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