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Hist: Songhai Empire

Flashcards relating to information revolving around the Songhai Empire-History

Which centuries was the Songhai Empire 'alive'? Which exact dates are these? -The 15th-16th Century -1400-1599
What did the Songhai Empire trade? Gold, Ivory, Agricultural Products
Under who's leadership did the Songhai empire flourish? Sonni Ali
How did the Songhai Empire become powerful? -Armies took control of neighbouring states and their trade routes -Took control of trading towns like Jenne, Gao and Timbuktu -Had armies well-versed in the art of War (infantry and calvary)
Describe Sonni Ali's methods of ruling over the people -Made conquered states pay taxes, but could still keep own laws and customs -Divided conquered territory into provinces with a governor in each
Describe Sonni Ali's ruling style: -The king was sacred -Officials were chosen by their ability
Whats so special about Songhai's location in West Africa? -It was positioned along the Niger river, so it could control trade along the river as well as the coastal regions and Sahara Desert
What did Camel caravans transport to North Africa? -Gold, ivory, kola Nuts and Slaves
What did Camel Caravans bring back from Europe to the Songhai Empire? -Glassware, Silver and Copper
Why was Timbuktu so significant? -Most important centre for desert trade, and Islam learning. -Many scholars came from all across Africa to study and write manuscripts there
Was Timbuktu declared a World Heritage Site? Yes!
Give 2 reasons why the Songhai Empire fell? -Sonni Ali died, his generals took over and banned African traditions, forcing everyone to become Islam -The kings of the empire had too many sons who wanted the throne to themselves, and this led to a civil war.
Give one more reason why the Songhai Empire fell? -Moroccans wanted control over the Trans-Saharan gold trade and sent an army to attack the Songhai empire. The S.Empire was defeated, and it split up.
Created by: Mbali1403