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VNPT51 CH.17 Terms

VNPT51 Chapter 17 Complementary and Alternative Therapies-MB

Acupressure uses gentle pressure at similar points on the body
acupuncture is a method of stimulating certain points on the body by the insertion of special needles to modify the perception of pain, normalize physiologic functions, or treat or prevent disease
allopathic medicine traditional or conventional Western medicine
alternative therapies often include the same interventions as complementary therapies, but frequently become the primary treatment modality that replaces allopathic medicine
aromatherapy uses pure essential oils, produces from plants, to provide health benefits
biofeedback is a noninvasive method of determining a patient's neuromuscular and autonomic nervous system response by measuring body functions such as blood pressure, pulse, muscle tension, and skin temperature with the use of electronic o electromechanical equipment
chiropractic therapy considered an acceptable treatment for certain disorders, including back pain and headaches
complementary therapies are therapies used in addition to conventional treatment recommended by a person's health care provider. do not substitute but rather complement the conventional treatment
focusing the ability to identify, differentiate, maintain attention on, and return attention to simple stimuli for an extended period.
herbal therapy is based on a different philosophy than conventional drug therapy. Uses herbs to provide health benefits.
holistic nursing addresses and treats the mind-body-spirit of the patient
imagery use the conscious mind to create mental image to evoke physical changes in the body, create a sense of improved well-being and enhance self-awareness
meridians channel of energy
pharmaceuticals are derived from herbs separate the active ingredients and use only that part, thereby being stronger.
Qi life force
Receptivity the ability to tolerate and accept experiences that are sometimes uncertain, unfamiliar, or paradoxic.
reflexology based on the premise that it is possible to exert an effect on the entire body by applying pressure to specific areas on the feet, hands, and ears with the thumbs.
relaxation the state of generalized decreased cognitive, physiologic, or behavioral arousal
Taiji or t'ai chi emphasis is placed on relaxing the body and calming and focusing the mind
therapeutic massage manipulates the soft tissues of the body and assists with healing. massage is contraindicated for phlebitis or thrombosis and infectious skin disease.
yoga joining of the mind, body, and spirit to enrich the quality of ones life and so enhance ones health. can tone the muscles of the body and internal organs. Flexibility of the since is increases and deep relaxation and reduction of stress are promoted
passivity the ability to stop unnecessary goal-directed and analytic activity.
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