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Vagina, Vulva, Cervi

keep it simple

Clear cell carcinoma (vaginal) unlike ovarian this arises in young women whose mothers used DES (glands of clear cells that HOBNOB (nucleus protrudes out))
Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma sarcoma of primitive skeletal muscle cells in children
Rhabdomyosarcoma botryoid tends to occur in vagina and bladder (grape like) protrudes from the vagina with cambian growth patter (treelike) 50% 5year
Endocervical Polyp BENIGN cervical lesion from the os can cause post coital bleeding (endothelium over thich walled blood vessel
Adenocarcinoma in situ Premalignant cervical lesion- in transformation zone associated with HPV, nuclear enlargement with loss of cytoplasm
what is the main difference between low and high risk HPV high risk inserts itself into the genome
high risk HPV? low high 16,18, 31,33 Low 8 and 11
What CIN gradings are high grade CIN 2 and CIN 3
what percent of untreated high grade dysplasias progress to SCC 70%
two mechanisms of high risk HPV cancer causing insert and inactivate p53 or activate retinoblastoma (uncontrolled DNA proliferation)
what is the histiological apperance of chlamydia follicular cervicitis
what are two complications of chlamydia endometritis (40%) and salpingitis (11%)
Post chlamydia sequelae PID, Tubal infertility, neonate pneumonia
HSV2 a virus that causes non-painful vesicles and shallow excruciatign ulcerations
what are the three Ms seen in late Herpes Infections Multinucleation, Margination(clear around nucleus) and Molding (push against each other)
what happens if herpes is passes onto the child during birth encephalitis, neurological damage, mental retardation
Non-infectious cervicitis can be caused by? chemical, mechanical damage but is often asymptomatic with infiltrate and squamous metaplasia
Vulvular cysts Bartholin's Gland hard to palpitation hiding behind the labia minora may mimick malignancy
Lichensclerosis et Atrophicus common cause of white changes in the vulva most often in post menopausal women may be painful Parchment paper like lesions
what is the NON HPV squamous cell carcinoma Lichen sclerosis et atrophicus
Padget's disease red eczematous with irregular borders in older women this is an intraepithelial proliferation of Malignant gland like cells that rarely invade below stroma thought to be sebaceous gland
prognosis of padget's disease slow progression with surgical removal being challenging due to irregular borders 15% of other women have malignancy elsewhere
Melanoma padgetoid spread of nest cells (10% of vulvar malignancies)
survival of melanoma patients is based on degree of invasion less than 1.5 mm great prognosis, more = 5% 5yr
what is micro invasive scqamous cell carcinoma SCC of less than 3 mm this is important because there is a decreased risk of spread and excellent prognosis
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