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order of draw yellow light blue red gold/red marbled-sst green lavender gray
yellow additive- sterile test for blood cultures
light blue additive-sodium citrate (prevents hemolysis) coagulation (PT,PTT)
red no additive chemistry, yields serum
SST additive- serum separator gel serum, lipid panel, triglyceride
green additive-heparin (prevents clotting; blood thinner) ammonia/chemistry/ yields plasma
Lavender additive-EDTA hematology, CBC, hgb A1C
Gray additive- sodium fluoride/potassium Oxalate Glucose, Blood alcohol
the order of draw for a phlebotomy collection is followed to avoid ________ insufficient collection volume
what instruction should be given to a patient in preparation for collecting a urine sample that will be cultured? the specimen requires collection in a sterile container.
what should a phlebotomist provide to a patient before performing a blood draw? Contact the provider for test results.
a phlebotomist should avoid using a site with burned skin during venipuncture for the risk of what? inaccuracy of lab results
quality control testing of a glucometer is important because it _________ promotes accurate
This tube has an additive that removes calcium to prevent clot formation Light blue
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