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Med Term Mod 12

Clinical & Misc. Procedures

basic steps for CPR A airway opened by tilting head, B breathing restored by mouth-to-mouth beathing, C circulation restored by external cardiac compressions
expiratory reserve maximal volume of gass that can be exhaled after resting colume exhalation
forced vital capacity amount of gas that can be forcibly & rapidly exhaled after a full inspiration
hand-held nebulizer device for administering aerosolized drug, in a fine spray
bicarbonate measured in blood to determine alkalinity/acidity
inspiratory reserve volume maximum volume of gass that can be inhaled beyond normal resting inspiration
metered-dose inhaler used to deliver aeroslized medication to patients with respiratory disease
carbon dioxide partial pressure a measure of the amount of CO2 in arterial blood
oxygen partial pressure a measure of the amount of O2 in arterial blood
positive expiratory pressure mechanicla ventilator strategy in which patient takes a deep breath & then exhales through a device that resists air flow
helps to refill underventilated areas of the lung positive expiratory pressure
positive-end expiratory pressure common mechanical ventilator setting in which airway pressure is maintained above atmospheric pressure
purified protein derivative substance used in a TB test
residual volume amount of air remaining at the end of maximal expiration
transbronchial needle aspiration used for biopsy of a lesion
total lung capacity volume of gas in lungs at the end of miximal inspiration; equals VC plus RV
tidal volume amount of air inhaled and exhaled during a normal ventilation
video-assisted thoracic surgery thoracoscopy or thorascopy
vital capacity equals inspiratory reserve volume plus expiratory reserve volume plus tidal volume
ventilation-perfusion scan radioactive test of lung ventilation & blood perfusion throughout the lung capillaries; lung scan
widely used to detect lung cancer xrays, CT scans & MRI
when diagnosing lung cancer a thoracotomy is used to idenify the malignant cells
when diagnosing lung cancer a mediastinoscopy evaluates the spread & severity of the disease
when diagnosing lung cancer a thorascopy involves making a small incision in chest and inserting an endoscope into chest cavity to examine the area involved
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