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Southern and eastern

The people of southern and eastern Asia

Ethnic Group A Group of people who share cultural ideas and beliefs
Religious Group A group of people that shares a belief in a god or gods
Philosophy An Ethical system based on good deeds and morality
Hinduism One of the oldest religions in the world
Vedas The book of knowledge
Brahman A supreme spirit that means universal spirit
Karma The belief that your actions determine your fate in your next life
Caste system A system of social classes that are inherited and cannot be changed
Buddhism A tradition that focuses on personal spiritual development
Four Noble Truths The four central beliefs containing the essence of Buddhist teaching.
Nirvana The State of perfect peace
The middle Way Contains the Eight fold path a list of eight rules
Tripitaka + Mahayana They are texts that are apart of Buddhism
Shinto A religion that is unique to japan
Kami Spirits that Shinto followers believe live in nature
Confucianism It is not a religion . Philosophy created by a Chinese Scholar named Confucius
Golden Rule of Behavior Treat others the way you would want to be treated
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