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Intro to War of 1812

Madison's Presidency Vocab too

What is the Non-Intercourse Act of 1809? resumed trade with EU nations, except Br. and Fr. if they dropped their trade restrictions we'd trade with them again.
Who was Tecumseh? a Shawnee chief
Who was William Henry Harrison? governor of the Indiana Territory; main goal was to secure as much land away from NA as possible
Who were the War Hawks? "westerners" who wanted war with Great Britain
What was the opposite of a War Hawk? a Peace Dove
Who was Oliver Hazard Perry? US naval officer who successfully defeated the British at Lake Erie
What was the Battle of Thames? General Harrison's defeat of the British in Canada ending Br. threat to the NW; Tecumseh died
What was the Treaty of Ghent? peace treaty ending the War of 1812
What was Tecumseh's belief about the Natives losing their land? he believed that it was happening because they were split up in different tribes
Who was "the Prophet"? Tecumseh's brother
What did Tecumseh vow to do? unite the Native American Tribes
Who was the governor of the Indiana Territory? William Henry Harrison
Why did Tecumseh believe that the Treaty of Fort Wayne was meaningless? not every tribe signed it
Who were two people who strongly wanted to go to war with the British? Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay
What were three causes for the War of 1812? impressment of U.S citizens, interference with American shipping , and the British support of Native American resistance.
What is Madison's complaint against Britain? hostile acts to U.S, an independent and neutral nation
Who did the Democratic Republicans favor in foreign affairs? French over British
What did the War Hawks urge the president to do? invade British Canada
What was their hope? to capture territory from the British and add it to U.S
What happened at the Hartford Convention? war opponents from New England discussed seceding
What problems did the U.S have? young and inexperienced army and navy
How was the U.S's northern border finally secure? led by Capt. Thomas McDonough, the U.S fought British on Lake Champlain and forced them to treat to Canada allowing U.S to gain control the lake.
Why is Dolley Madison considered heroic? stayed behind at the White House supervising servants in saving important papers and historical treasures
How did the British get back at the Americans for what they has done at the start of the war? they burned the U.S Capitol, White House and other important buildings as a revenge attack for York
What happened towards the end of the attack on Washington? a rainstorm saved the rest of the city from destruction
What inspired Francis Scott Key to right the Star Spangled Banner? the day after the Battle of Baltimore he saw the U.S flag flying; originally it was a poem called "The Defense of Fort McHenry".
Why was the Battle of New Orleans unnecessary? the Treaty of Ghent, ending the fighting, was signed two weeks before
Who won the war? No one
What were the effects of the War of 1812? U.S was seen as a world power (Major Outcome), increase in patriotism (stood up to Great Britain again), increase in manufacturing due to blockades and embargoes, and weakened Native American resistance
Why did the Second Bank of the U.S form? financial problem caused by war
Created by: Kelly23228