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Chapter 8 Joseph

What is Divine Providence? God can bring good results from the bad choices people make.
How does God show divine providence when Joseph is sold into slaver? Joseph saved from well by passing caravan and sold as a slave to Potiphar, an official of Pharaoh.
How does God show divine providence when he was thrown in jail for false accusations of liking the Pharaohs wife? Joseph released from prison and made governor of Egypt to prepare for famine.
How does God show divine providence when Joseph reunites with his brothers? Joseph reunites with family. Joseph's family protected from famine.
What is solidarity? When a group of people share money and talents for the good of others.
What does prefigure mean? To suggest or represent beforehand
How does Joseph prefigure Jesus? Joseph saved his family from starvation. Jesus saved his people from their sins. Under Pharaoh, Joseph was ruler of Egypt. Jesus is the son of God.
What is faith? Belief in God
What is hope? Confidence that God will provide.
What is charity? Love our neighbor as ourselves.
List the first three events of Joseph sold into slavery 1) Jacob (Israel) makes Joseph a special tunic. 2) Joseph told brothers of dream about 12 sheaves bow (brothers) to one sheave of wheat (Joseph). 3. Joseph dream that the sun (Israel), moon (Rachel), and stars (brothers)bow to him
List the last two events of Joseph sold into slavery 4) Brothers put Joseph in well and dip his tunic in goat's blood to lie and say Joseph died. 5) Joseph sold into slavery by passing traders.
List the first three events of Joseph sent to prison. 1) Joseph thrown into prison b/c Potiphar's wife accuses him of attacking her. 2) Joseph interprets cupbearer's and baker's dreams. 3) Joseph interprets pharaoh's dreams predicting 7 good years of harvest and 7 years of famine.
List the last three events of Joseph sent to prison. 4) Joseph released from prison and made Governor of Egypt . 5) As Joseph predicted, 7 good years of harvest followed by 7 years of famine. 6) Joseph stores grain in Egypt during 7 good years
List the first 4 events of Joseph reuniting with brothers and Israel 1) Israel sends sons to Egypt to buy grain during famine. 2) Joseph accuses them of being spies and puts Simeon in jail until the brothers go back to Canaan and bring Benjamin back. 3) They return with Benjamin 4) Joseph plants his silver cup in Benj
List the last 4 events of Joseph reuniting with brothers and Israel 5) Joseph tells brothers who he really is and invites them to bring Israel and their families to Egypt to live. 6) Israel and family move to Egypt. 7) Israel gives Judah his blessing to continue line. 8) Israel and Judah die.
What is lust? What cardinal virtue helps you with lust? Lust is desiring sex to an unhealthy degree. Chasity (prudence) helps you with lust.
What is gluttony? What cardinal virtue helps you with gluttony? Gluttony is eating or drinking to much. Moderation (temperance) helps you with gluttony.
What is greed? What cardinal virtue helps you with greed? Green is wanting all for oneself. Justice helps you with greed.
What is laziness? What cardinal virtue helps you with laziness? Laziness is not working for one's ability. Fortitude (working hard) helps you with laziness.
What is rage? What cardinal virtue helps you with rage? Rage is excessive anger. Patience can help you with rage.
What is envy? What cardinal virtue helps you with envy? Envy is wanting what someone else has to the point where it becomes an obsession. Kindness helps you with envy.
What is pride? What cardinal virtue helps you with pride? Pride is boasting about one's looks or talents. Humility helps you with pride.
Created by: ademich
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