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Chpt. 14 World

World History

Anasazi made their homes out of sun dried brick (adobe) and stones
Maya Civilization composed of city-states and ruled by hereditary nobles
Pacal the Great Maya ruler
Itzamna supreme god of the Maya
Maya calendar the religious sacred one was different than the solar version and could only be read by trained priests
Who were the first people in Mesoamerica to work in gold, silver, and copper The Toltec
Who extended their empire across much of Mexico, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and to the Guatemalan border? The Aztec
Aztec religious belief belief that there was a never ending battle between good and evil
Inca subjects were required to do what? several weeks of annual labor service
What was constructed by the Inca to increase trade and help manage the empire? nearly 25,000 miles of road and bridges
Why were the buildings in Cuzco built with close fitting stone but no mortar? so they could withstand frequent earthquakes
The Inca did not have a writing system but did have a method to keep records using a knotted string called what? quipu
early farming village of the Eastern Woodlands known as mound builders Hopewell
What animal was so important to the Plains Indians? Buffalo
What animal was so important to the Inca? llama
Mesoamerica name for areas of Mexico and Central America
Pueblo Bonito large Anasazi adobe complex built along cliff walls in the Chaco Canyon
Why did some early civilizations practice human sacrifice? to appease the gods
Toltec first to bring metal working to central Mexico with gold, silver, and copper
Tenochtitlan great capital city of the Aztec, today it is Mexico City
Nazca ancient culture of Peru that left behind lines in the desert creating geometric outlines as well as animal shapes like a monkey
How were the Inca able to farm the mountainsides of the Andes? they used high altitude terraced farming with irrigation
Who were not allowed to travel on the Inca road system? commoners
Three sister farming beans, corn(maize), squash grown together
these people lived in longhouses and organized an alliance with 5 other tribes Iroquois
governing body of the Iroquois and how it was organized? Grand Council - by clans
Abandoned city of the Inca high in the Andes today visited by many tourists and the home to llamas Machu Picchu
What are chinampas? swampy islands farmed and irrigated with canals by the Aztec
Who left behind Monks Mound? Mississippians
Hernan Cortes Spanish Conquistador originally thought to be the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl, he is conquers the Aztec
Created by: ndouvier