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PATH: Cardiac Marker


why was LDH isoenzyme 1 used? it was around at day 7 unlike CK and could be measured
how long do troponin I and T stick around they stay around for just as long if not longer than LDH
creatine kinase is composed of? M and B subunits
what CK is in the brain CK-BB
CK in the Heart CK-MB and CK-MM
CK in the skeletal muscle CK-MM
CK in tumors CK-BB
CK in smooth muscle CK-BB
how can you tell if there is muscular dystrophy CK-MB and MM elevated
Trauma would affect CK ? MB (less than 1-2% total) and MM elevated
what effect on CK would hypothyroid have increased MM
what affect on CK would stroke have increased MM
What effect on CK would psychosis have increased MM
how is cardiac muscle distributed with regards to CK 80% MB 20% MM
when you have an MI what percent of total CK is CKMB more than 3%
Labor in the uterus would produce what effect on CK elevated BB
intestinal trauma would produce what CK elevated BB
Shock would increase CK ? elevated BB and MB
when would CK MB not be elevated most cardiac conditions, pulmonary emboli, intramuscular injection
how long after an MI is CK-MB elevated 2-8 hours after MI Peaks at 36 hours and is normal 2-3 days after that
what are troponins 3 regulatory proteins bound to contractile apparatuses of striated muscle
what troponins are cardiac markers TnI and TnT
what troponin is also made in the heart but is not specific TnC
where else is TnC found in skeletal muscle (slow twitch)
what other conditions could make CK-MB less specific renal failure, skeletal trauma or disease
how does the timing of troponins compare with CK and LDH same speed as CK and same durations as LDH-1
how does troponin last so long continuous release not delayed clearance
how high in magnitude does Troponin elevate compared to CK same magnitude but much greater fold increase as troponin unlike CK does not have other factors elevating its baseline
how likely is somone with incresaed troponin but no increase in EKG or CKMB to have an immenint event high liklihood
how specific are TnI and TnT for MI not at all only specific for myocardial damage you need a history
what are the three kinds of natriuretic peptide A, B, C
how do natriuretic peptides change with chronic heart failure increase
where are natriuretic peptides synthesized in the atria and ventricles
ANP is released from the ? atria when there is distension
BNP is relesed from the? brain and ventricles when there is ventricular overload
CNP is released from? brain and CNS when there is endothelial stress
Which natriuretic peptide corresponds with other tests diagnosing the severity of a heart conditino BNP
what is BNP used for to monitor CHF therapy, diagnose heart failure, and determine prognosis with acute coronary symptoms
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