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Ch. 9


The idea that a nation should build an empire in foreign lands is called _____________________. imperialism
The reasons that European nations wanted to colonize Africa were: _________ to get raw materials; to spread Christianity; nationalism; as markets to sell European goods to
_____________ held the largest European empire in Africa in the 1800s. France
The ___________________ linked the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. Suez Canal
____________________ declared Egypt a protectorate in 1914. Great Britain
A ___________________________ is a territory controlled and protected by a stronger nation. protectorate
______________ controlled the Congo region of Africa. Belgium
______________ and ________________ were the only two nations in Africa that remained independent. Ethiopia and Liberia
The ____________ were Africans who fought against the Boers and the British in southern Africa. Zulu
____________ were early Dutch settlers in southern Africa. Boers
__________________ created the Union of South Africa. Great Britain
Name three positive effects of European imperialism in Africa: the building of cities, roads, and railroads; the introduction of new medicines; raids between rival tribes reduced
Name three negative effects of European imperialism in Africa: the breaking apart of villages and families; the stealing of land and resources; many died of European diseases such as smallpox; famines resulted
Which country colonized India in the 1800s? Great Britain
Which two organizations were formed to work for Indian independence? The Muslim League and the Hindu
Which two countries fought the Opium War? China and Britain
What land did Great Britain get in the Treaty of Nanking? Hong Kong
A ________________________________ is a region in which a nation has some control over the actions or decisions of the people in that region. sphere of influence
The ______________________________ was a war in the 1800s by the Chinese people against the Qing Dynasty. The rebellion failed and millions were killed. Taiping Rebellion
Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia were all controlled by ________________. France
The ____________________ took control of the Philippines as a result of the Spanish-American War. United States
The United States also gained ______________ and the Hawaiian Islands in 1898. Guam
The Tokugawa Shogunate was the government of ___________________. Japan
The U.S. sent ______________________ in 1853 to open trade with Japan. Matthew Perry
The ___________________________________ was a change in Japan in which people ended the rule of shoguns and gave power back to the emperor. It occurred in 1868. Meiji Restoration
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