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The Middle Ages

the crusades, end of feudalism, agricultural revolution

What was a major factor in the European system of mannorialism? self-sufficiency
What was the three-field system during the agricultural revelution? Leaving some farmland unplanted to replenishthe soil to increase food production.
What were the levels of the guild system of Europe in the Middle ages apprentices, journeyman , masters
During the time of feudalism what was land exchanged for? Military service and loyalty to the lord.
What brought about the Middle ages, Feudalism? The collapse of the government
What role did the church play during the middle ages? It provided stability, unity and order
Who were the leaders during the crusades? Pope Urban II, Saladin, King Richard
Why did the Europeans fight the crusades? To escape feudalism and to recapture the Holy Land
What caused the bubonic plague to spread? An increase in trade between Europe and Asia
During which period in history was there feudalism and manorialism? The Middle Ages
Who were feudal obligations, feudal contracts between? Lords and serfs. Lords provided protection and gave land and serfs tended the land and maintained the lords estate.
Where was Charlemagne's Empire located? France and Germany
What were some of the effects of the Holy Wars, Crusades? They contributed to the transition from feudalism to the Renaissance and the growth of trade and towns in Western Europe.
Created by: Dcrawford