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PATH: Lipids

Some picky lipid points

what is the pattern of CHD in this country (incidence and death) Incidence increasing death percentage decreasing
how is cholesterol distributed between HDL and LDL 70% LDL and 30% HDL
for those with a cholesterol above 250 what benefit is achieved with a 1% reduction in risk factor 2%
how much HDL to you gain by quitting smoking 2-3 mg
how much HDL do you gain by losing weight and becoming active 5-10 mg
what causes oxidized LDL transition metals
what is the problem with oxidized LDL it is taken up by macrophages more readily rsulting in more foam cells
patients with atherosclerois are more likely to have these? oxidized LDLs and Abs to oxidized LDL
what are antioxidants Vit A,C,E, B carotene, and probucol
ApoA1 interacts with? LCAT to make CE in the plasma
What is more common in those with MIs LDL in the 95th percentile or ApoB100 in the 95th percentile ApoB100 is more likely to be elevated twice as likely
LpA ? LDL like interacts with Apoa and is very much like plasminogen - works to inhibit clot lysis via competition
Oxidized LpA (lipoprotein) more readily taken up and foamified
how is ApoA determined genetically the larger the genome the smaller the conc in the blood
what does homocystein produce superoxides and H202
what does Homocysteine increase serum clotting factor and platelet aggregation
what does homocystein inhibiti small vessel dilation
what effect does homocysteine have on smooth muscles increases proliferation
what happens when homocysteine inteacts with LDL Homocysteine-LDL thiolactones become foam cells in early plaque
how do you treat homocystein Folate, B6, B12
what increases the amout of C-reactive protein IL-6
what increases IL-6 IL-1, TNF, INFy
what does the conc of C-reactive protein indicate the level of endothelial damage
what is a cause for high CRP inflammation anywhere or chronic infection
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