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Egyptian Kingdoms

Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, or New Kingdom?

United under King Mentuhotep Middle Kingdom
United by Pharaoh Ahmose New Kingdom
Began during the third dynasty Old Kingdom
2700 BC to 2220 BC Old Kingdom
1550 BC to 1050 BC New Kingdom
2050 BC to 1750 BC Middle Kingdom
Period of order and stability Middle Kingdom
Period when Egypt reached the height of its power and glory New Kingdom
The most famous pharaoh was Khufu Old Kingdom
Military power and trade grew New Kingdom
Pyramids were built during this time Old Kingdom
Political system was the belief that the pharaoh was both king and god Old Kingdom
Ended when the Hyksos invaded using chariots, horses, and advanced weapons Middle Kingdom
Hatshepsut, the first woman pharaoh, increased trade expeditions New Kingdom
Started when Ahmose of Thebes drove the Hyksos out of Egypt and declared himself king New Kingdom
Ended when the nobles gained power and challenged the pharaoh because the pharaoh could not collect enough taxes to keep up with expenses Old Kingdom
Ramses the Great came to power in 1200s BC when he fought the Hitites New Kingdom
Pharaohs were buried in pyramids Old Kingdom
Pharaohs were buried in the Valley of the Kings New Kingdom
Hyksos ruled for 200 years until the mid 1500s BC when the Egyptians fought back Middle Kingdom
Egypt's social structure began during this period Old Kingdom
Ended when the Tehenu & Sea People invaded Egypt and weakened the Empire New Kingdom