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Modern East Asia

Part I

What is the primary civilization of East Asia? China
In the 1600s where were most Chinese located? along the yellow river
What was special about the Chinese being along the Yellow river? good food and water supply
What does a dynasty do? get control of an area and rule for hundreds of years
What is the normal process in China with dynasty's? great warrior becomes successful, has great kingdom, teaches son, son not as self-sufficient, becomes more corrupt, gets overthrown
Around what time did the Ming dynasty fall? What happened? 1640, they ran out of money so they taxed the peasants who then took over Bejing
What dynasty did the Manchus watch get weak? Which dynasty did they establish? Han got weak, established Qing
What dynasty were the Han in charge of? Qin
What look did Manchus force everyone to have to show they are now in power? queve which is the front 1/2 of the head shaved but the back of the head grown out
What created modern China? the fusion of manchu and han practices
Who was the first Manchu emperor? Kangzi
What did Kangzi accomplish that no other Chinese emperor could? signed the treaty of nerchinsk with Russia
What did the treaty of nerchinsk accomplish for the Manchu? allowed them to protect their borders and focus on the Portuguese
Why could Kangzi sign a peace treaty when those before him couldn't? he did not have to live by the strict Chinese rules
When was the treaty of nerchinsk signed? 1689
Who did Kangzi choose to continue his ruling? his 4th son
What is the major geographical difference between China and Japan? Japan is an island
What is super important to the Japanese? national identity
Who was at the top of the hierarchy but acted as a puppet in Japan? the emperor
What had the actual power in Japan, what is this compared to shogun, like a general
Who is under the shogun? What are they like? daimyo, like god
Who is under the daimyo? What are they like? samurai, like warrior
Who conquered all of Japan and named himself shogun? Ieyausu
What 2 things did Japan's shogun Ieyausu put into place? the emperor will dedicate himself to the shogun and tokugawa shogunate
What is tokugawa shogunate? What did this lead to? no outsiders will be put up with, economic prosperity of 1603
What began to threaten the tokugawa shogunate? catholism
What three things happened in Japan from 1600s-1700s due to the shogunate? 1. population of Japan tripled 2. the merchants became the middle class 3. Samurai lost relevance due to lack of war
Where is Korea located? peninsula between Japan and China
When was the East Asian War fought? What three countries were involved? 1592-1598, Japan, China, and Korea
Where was the East Asian War mainly fought? Korea
Which Korean king fled the country due to the East Asian War? Songjo
Who went and fought the Japanese ships of the peninsula of Korea? admiral Yi
What happened to admiral Yi after defeating the Japanese ships? Why? he gets thrown in jail to let the king keep all his power
What happens when the Japanese ships invade Korea for a second time? they let Yi out of jail, he takes his remaining 13 ships and defeats the 138 Japanese ships without losing any of his ships
What was the second battle between Yi and the Japanese called? battle of myeyongye
Which dynasty did the Koreans like better? Han or Ming? Han
What is a huge part of Korean culture that comes from China? confucianism
What does confucianism place emphasis on? filial pietx (family hierarchy)
During the shogunate how did the political order compare to the social order? political: emperor, shogun, daimyo, then samurai social: samurai, craftsmen, peasants, merchants
Why would the daimyo go on an exhibition each year? honor the shogun
What event was called 47 Ronin a daimyo went on his pilgrimage to honor the shogun, the shogun official was so rude that he pulled his sword
What is a ronin? a masterless samurai
What happened to the daimyo's ronin after he was forced to commit suicide? beheaded the shogun official, placed his head on the grave of their daimyo, then turned themselves into the police to honor loyalty to order
What is seppuku? forced suicide
What is the name for the nightlife streets that started to pop up around Japan? ukiyo
What was the most popular place on the ukiyo? kabuki which are over the top theaters
How were people in Japan getting information during the shogunate? from Dutch soldiers in Nagasaki
Why did China and Japan fall behind during the late 1700s-1800s? the industrial revolution hit the rest of the world
What did the emperor write because Japan hadn't developed like the rest of the world? 16 maximums of proper behavior
Who was the most famous kabuki performer? What did he tend to preform as? Utaemon, women
When Kangzi dies, who is he succeeded by? Yongshong
What type of ruling did Yongshong believe in? What does this mean? dual-nature ruiling, he would leave other ethnic groups alone as long as they didn't cause too much harm
Who was Yongshong succeeded by? When? Qianlong, 1736
Who had one of the longest Chinese rulings? Qianlong
What concept does Qianlong put a lot of emphasis on for China? confucianism
What is confucianism? worship of your ancestors
Why did Qianlong step down early? he did not want to lead longer than his grandfather
What is the grand council? a group of 6 manchu men that met in secret to help the emperor
What is the word for when non-Chinese societies become Chinese? sinicized
What did Britain want that China had? tea
What occurred on the East India Company? british asked chinese to trade their tea for wool, chinese said no
Who brought potatoes to China? Colombus
By the 1700s chinese population has ____________ tripled
In western countries because of the industrial revolution what has started to gain political power? the middle class
What was the book that slammed the civil service exam? When was the written? Who wrote it? schours, 1740, Wu Jingzi
Who was general heshen? What did he cause? one of the emperors favorites so he was on the grand council, he began to take bribes which caused a decline in government standards and eventually a rebellion
Who caused the chinese "dynastic decline"? General Heshen
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