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WH-Topic 9 Vocab

WH-Topic 9 Vocabulary

sultan Muslim ruler
rajahs in ancient India, the elected warrior chief of an Aryan tribe
tributary states independent state that has to acknowledge the supremacy of another state and pay tribute to its ruler
land reform break-up of large agricultural holdings for redistribution among peasants
gentry wealth, landowning class
dowry in some societies, payment a bride’s family makes to the bridegroom and his family; payment a woman brings to a marriage
pagoda multi-storied Buddhist temple with eaves that curve up at the corners
steppes sparse, dry, treeless plain
abacus a device used for counting and calculating by sliding small balls or beads along rods or in grooves
expedition voyage to explore unknown lands
celadon porcelain made in Korea with an unusual blue-green glaze
hangul alphabet that uses symbols to represent the sounds of spoken Korean
literacy rate percentage of people who can read and write
tsunamis a very large wave caused by an earthquake or very strong wind
selective borrowing adopting or adapting some cultural traits but discarding others
kana in the Japanese writing system, phonetic symbols representing syllables
samurai member of the warrior class in Japanese feudal society
bushido code of conduct for samurai during the feudal period in Japan
stupas large dome-like Buddhist shrine
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