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BACT: C Perf.


O2 requirement of Clost anaerobic (canned food)
Fn of clostridium botulism blocks ACh release (floppy)
how do you treat botulism antitoxin, intubation, hyparbaric O2
how does infantile botulism present constipation 2-3 days then trouble swollowing
C. tetani has what exotoxin tetanospasmin
mechanism of tetanus prevents GABA and Glycine release
two characteristic findings of tetanus Trismus, and Ridus sardonicus
how do you treat tetanus neutralize, immunization boster, clean wound, abx, supportive care
C. perfringus is normally found? GI and vagina
how common are leukocytes with gas gangrene none
what types of C. perfringus causes gangreen types A-E
where does C. perfringus grow with cellulitis in necrotic tissue
how can you tell it is cullulitis of c. perfringus crackling texture
how does clostridium mycronecrosis happen trauma from spore innoculation into the muscle
what will you see on ct of c. perfringus infection of the muscle gas pockets
what gross finding can confirm a clostridium perfringus myconecrosis black thin exudate
how do you treat myconecrosis abx, hyparbaric Ox, amputation
how does clostridium perfringus avoid the immune system perfringolysis kills PMNs
what toxin is necrotic and hemolytic alpha toxin phospholipase c
what is another name for perfringolysin Omega toxin
what toxin alters cell wall of the intestine enterotoxin
what can cause endometritis or septicotoxemia after a mechanical abortion c. perfringus
what causes pseudomembranous enterocolitis C. difficile following abx
what exotoxins are involved in Pseudomembranous enterocolitis Toxin A - diarrhea and Toxin B cytolytic
what do you see on colonoscopy red inflamed mucosa and white exudates
how do you treat C. difficile take Metronidazole or a Vancomyosin down to the GI tract
Food poisoning is via Type A enterotoxin
how long does food poisoning via C. difficile take to show up 8-24 hours
wha does toxin C do with C. perfringus food poisoning Beta toxin that causes necrotizing enteritis-jejunum (pig-bel)
can c. perfringus tolerate aerobic conditions yes but it is an anerobe
how does C. perfringus cause food poisoning by altering glucose transport
how could you tell c. perfringus from s. aureus s. aureus more emetic C. perfringus is diarrhea and takes 8 hours not .5 like aureus
when would you get endometriosis or septicotoxemia uterine myonecrosis following a mechanical abortion
why is there a vaccine for tetanus but not botulism tetanus has one serotype and botulism has 7
Created by: jmuame03