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Midterm Review

Global 1 Midterm Review

What does culture mean? The way of life for a group of people
What were major results of the Neolithic Revolution? There was a more reliable food source which lead to the rise of civilizations.
Where did the earliest civilizations develop? River valleys
How did the earliest civilization modify their environment to meet their needs? They created irrigation systems to be able to grow more food.
What was Hammurabi's code? One of the earliest written legal codes.
What was the purpose of Hammurabi’s code? So that all people would know the laws and punishments. To bring order and stability to Babylonian society.
What was the purpose of Legalism in the Qin dynasty? Harsh laws and punishments to ensure that people follow the laws. To bring order and stability to society.
How did mountains impact Ancient Greece? Divided the Greek city states and prevented them from uniting. Limited the amount of fertile land in Greece leading the Greeks to set up colonies around the Mediterranean Sea which spread the Greek culture.
What were some major contributions of the Golden Age of Athens? Art, sculpture, pottery, architecture, literature and learning.
What were some major contributions of the Golden Age of the Gupta? Science, technology, medicine, art, literature and mathematics
Why did Alexander the great want to expand his empire? He wanted to continue his fathers ambitions and conquer Persia.
Why was Alexander the great able to conquer such a large area? He was a brilliant commander who never lost a battle. The Persian empire was already weak.
What were the effects of Alexander the Great's conquests? Cultural diffusion. He set-up cities throughout his empire, modeled them after Greek cities and spread Greek culture throughout the region. As a result, Hellenistic culture, a blend of Greek, Persian, and Indian traditions was created.
How did the Roman road system impact Ancient Rome? It helped Rome maintain power by allowing the army to travel quickly throughout the empire to stop rebellions if needed. Easier for government to unify the empire. Easier for people to travel, trade and communicate throughout the empire.
How did the Han system of roads impact the Han Dynasty? Helped the Han government maintain power by being able to better communicate throughout the empire which brought stability and order.
What is a goal of Buddhism? To achieve peace, harmony and reach nirvana through meditation.
What is a goal of Daoism? To be at harmony with nature.
What is a goal of Confucianism? To bring stability and peace to society.
Where did Buddhism originate? India
How did Buddhism spread to China? Cultural diffusion. Trade on the Silk Road and Indian Ocean Complex.
What is the purpose of the 10 Commandments? To tell people how they should behave and give them guidelines to follow.
What is the purpose of the Confucian Analects? To spread the teachings of Confucius and to show people how they should be living their life.
What readings were taught in schools throughout the Han Dynasty? The Confucian Analects
What does cultural diffusion mean? Through different forms of interaction like trade or conquest, ideas and beliefs are spread from one group to another.
Why did the Feudal system arise in Western Europe in the 5th and 6th century C.E.? The fall of Rome left a power vacuum and people needed protection and stable society.
What is a social structure? groups of people that interact together on a consistent basis. Social structures are social relationships, as well as any social institution.
What social structure was extremely powerful and was the unifying force in Feudal Western Europe? The Catholic Church
What made a feudal manor self-sufficient? All the farming and production of goods was done on the manor. They did not have to trade to get what they needed. Serfs (peasants) provided all the labor the manor needed.
Created by: Mrs. Hamel