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BACT: Strep pneumo


shape of Strep Pneumo lancet
S. Pneumo is what shape diplococci
B or alpha hemolytic Alpha on s. pyrogene is B
how do you diagnose S. Pneumo Blood, Optochin sensitive, Bile solubility test, Qeulling reaction
type of capsule polysaccharide
how many serotypes are there of the strep pneumo capsule 80
Rough mutants? lack capsule and are not virulent
what is pneumolysis thiol activated hemolysis
Strep pneumo is the number one cause of? community acquired pneumonia, bacteremia in infants, adult meningitis, otitis media, conjunctiva
Strep pneumo is number 2 cause of ? meningitiis in kids over 2
diseases caused by strep pneumo lobar pneumonia, meningitis, otitis media, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, conjunctiva
what percent of adults have S. pneumo as normal flora 20-70%
how do you treat strep pneumo B lactams penicillin( 42% resistant) so erythromycin and vanco for resistant forms
how can you tell strep pneumo from strep viridans optochin sensitive = pneumo
how does Strep pneumo casue meningitis bacteremia or trauma
vaccines for strep pneumo pneumovax ( T ind. greater than 2) and Prevnar (Conj for those who need to use T cells kids under 2)
mortality of s. pneumo if treated 25% only 5% with treatment
mortality of those over 50? over 70? 30% over 50 ---- 60% over 70
how does strep pneumo avoid phagocytes kills them with pneumolysin and capsule
most virulent capsule 3
what percent of patients become bacteremic 30%
Created by: jmuame03