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Religion Urgo Jan

precursor A title for John the Baptist as the immediate forerunner for Jesus, the Messiah. John the baptist is the last of the prophets
prophet one called to speak for God and to call the people to be faithful to the Covenant. There are 18 books in the Old Testament that present the messages and actions of the prophets
covenant In the Old Testament. The solemn agreement (PROMISE) between God and the Chosen people, Israel that involved mutual commitments. People God made covenants with : Moses, Noah, Abraham
original sin the consequence of the disobedience of first human beings- Adam/Eve chose to follow their own will instead of God's will. They no longer had God's blessing and were subject to sin and death. In baptism we are restored to life with God through Jesus Chris
Canon The official list of the 73 books that make up the Old and New Testament of the Bible.
Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke,and John- Tell us the good news of God's mercy and love that we experience by hearing the story of Jesus' life, Death, Resurrection and ascension.
Son of God The title revealed by Jesus that indicates his unique relationship of God the Father. Jesus of Nazareth- Story told in the Gospels
Resurrection the bodily raising of Jesus Christ from the dead on the 3rd day after his death on the cross. The crowning truth of our faith.
Ascension The entry of Jesus into God's presence in heaven
Acts of the Apostles The second volume of Luke's two volume work. It tells the stories of the apostles and how they spread the church from Jerusalem to all over the earth.
Tradition The beliefs and practices of the Church that are passed down from one generation to the next under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The apostles were given this orally and in writing.
genealogy a listing of person's ancestors through generations. Jesus is listed in the book of Mathew
Revelation God's communication of himself to us through the words and deeds he has used throughout history to show us the mystery of his plan for our salvation
Abraham The model of faith and trust in God in the Old testament. God made a covenant with him to give him descendants and land.
Israelites A descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God chanced Jacob's name to Israel and Jacob's 12 sons and their children became the leaders of the 12 tribes of Israel.
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