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Midterm Scavenger 9

9th Grade scavenger Hunt 2019 for Midterm

Hunters and Gathers, domestication of plants and animals Neolithic Revolution
Domestication of plants and animals taming them from the wild
A second hand account, textbook, movie Secondary source
A first hand account, journal, diary, letter Primary source
Nile River, Mesopotamia, Yellow, and Indus River Ancient Civilizations
Why did all ancient civilizations begin near river valleys fertile soil
Studies scarcity of resources economists
Studies government and laws Political scientists
Studies people and where they live geographer
Studies artifacts archaeologists
Belief in one God monotheism
Belief in many Gods Polytheism
3 Belief systems that believe in one God Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Two Belief systems that has spirits in nature Shintoism & animism
Five relationships, Filial piety Confucianism, wife to husband, father to son, friend to friend, ruler to ruler, older to younger brother
Which beliefs systems have Brahmins Hinduism
eye for an eye tooth for a tooth Code of Hammurabi
Code of hammurabi your punishment was based on your social class
Ten Commandments Judaism and Christian laws
12 Tables Roman laws
In a traditional society your occupation is determined by your Parents- you will have the same jobs that your parents had
Athens Birthplace of Democracy
Sparta Strict military state
Geography of Ancient Greece Mountains divided them into separate city states
Aristotle, Socrates, Plato Greek Philosophers
Math and Medicine and the number 0 Gupta Empire in India
Land is exchanged for military service and protection Feudalism
Which empire fell because it was too big and it had large invaders Roman Empire
Organization that had the most power during the dark ages feudalism Roman Catholic Church
Created by: ygarcia13