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BACT: Icks and Sicks

diseases and the bugs that cause them

Oral Thrush candida albicans
Dental Caries Streptococcus mutans
Peridontal disease Actinomyces viscosus, bacteroids, prevotella
Rhinitis Viral
Sinusitis (acute) Step pneumo or H. influenza
Sinusitis (chronic) Strep pneumo, H. influenza and enterics, anaerobes or gram positive
otitis externa pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus
acute otitis media <3 months Strep pneumo, Group B Strep, H. Influenza, pseudomonas
Acute otitis media >3 months Strep pneumo, H. influenza
Cronic otitis media mixed
pharyngitis strep pyrogenes and cornebacterium
epiglottitis H. influenza type B
Laryngitis and Croup Viral
Bronchitis bordella pertussis
lyme disease Borrelia burgdorferi
syphilis treponema pallidum
Rocky Mountain spotted fever Rickettsia Rickettsii
Scarlet Fever Strep. Pyrogenes
TSS Staph aureus
Kawasaki's Syndrome S. Aureus and S. pyrogenes
Rickettsialpox rickettsia akari
lower urinary track infection E. coli, S. saphrophyticus, klebsiella
Upper UTI E. Coli, S. Saphrophyticus, Klebsiella
Cystitis E. coli, Kleb, proteus
pyelonephritis E. Coli, kleb, proteus
nosocomial UTI E. Coli, proteus, Klebsiella, S. epidermis
non-gonorrheal urethritis chlamydia trachomatis, mycoplasma hominis, ureaplasm urealyctium
PID N. gonorrhea, Chlamydia
Vaginosis Gardnerella vaginalis, candida, trichomonas
Cong. infections listeria, treponema, viruses
neonate conjunctivitis chlamydia and gonorrhea
neonate pneumonia Group B strep, H. flu, s. aureus, chlamydia
neonate meningitis e.coli, Group B strep, mycoplasma pneumo, listeria
cystic Fibrosis pseudomonas, h. flu, burkholderia, s. pneumonia
burns pseudomonas
leukocyte deficiencies S. aureus, enterics, salmonella, shigella, psudomonas
Complement deficiency early Staph aureus, strep, h. flu,
complement deficiency late neisseria
T cell deficiency listeria
B cell deficiency strep pneumo, h. flu
end stage renal S. aureus, S epidermis
Diabetes Funti, psuedomonas, enterics
AIDS M. tb and M. avium
nosocomial cathetars E. coli
Nosocomial surgery s. aureus
nosocomial respirators Pseudomonas
nosocomial ulcerative psuedomembranous colitis c. difficile
nosocomial antibiotic resistance enterococcus faecium
Pneumonia cystic fibrosis psuedomonas
pneumo influenza and viral infections S. aureus
Pneumonia Alcoholism klebsiella
Pneumonia Birds chlamydia psittaci
Enteric disease due to GI dysmotility in diabetics Salmonella or C. jejuni
Skin absess s. aureus
erysipelas s. pyogenes or ersipelothrix (animal)
folliculitis s. aureus
folliculitis with hottubs psudomonas aeruginosa
acne propionibacterium acnes
Created by: jmuame03