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Mediveal Times

Module 10 and 11

When did the Western Roman Empire crumble, as it was overrun by invading Germanic tribed? The Western Roman Empire crumbled in the fifth century.
What are three effects of the Germanic invasions? Three effects of the Germanic invasions is trade was halted, people became less educated, and Europe no longer had latin as the single language.
What role did monasteries play durong this period? Monastries played a role of men called monks who devoted their lives to God.
What was important about Charlemagne's being crowned as emperor? What was important about Charlemagne's being crowned as emperor is he had great military skills.
What role did the Church play in helping Clovis conquer other Germanic peoples? After Clovis's conversion, the Church supported his military changaigns against other Gemanic people.
What role did Pope Gregory I play in spreading the idea of a vast, unified kingdom? he broadened the Church's power to include secular affairs and spread the idea of a churchly kingdom.
What was important about Charles Martel's victory in 732? The victory halted a Muslim invasion, prevented the Frankish Kingdom for becoming part of the Muslim Empire, and made him a hero.
How did Pepin the Short stregthen the Frankish Kingdom? He succsessfully fought the Lombards and was anoinyed by the pope, establishing an informal allience between the Pope and the Frankish people.
What was important of Charles Martel's victory in 732? The event signaled the joinng of Germanic power, the church, and the heritage of the Roman Empire.
How did Charlemagne govern his unified kingdom? He sent out agents to see that counts governed their counties justly; he visited every part of his kingdom; he supervised the management of his huge estates.
Why did the people need to turn to local leader for help? Invasions by the Vikins, Muslims, and Magyars threatened them. There was no central government to protect them.
What were the three main groups of feudal society? The three groups were those who fought (the nobles and the knights), those who prayed (the officials of the Church), and those who worked (the peasants and the serfs.)
What was the job of peasants on the manor? The peasants worked the land to grow food.
What is the mutual obligations of the fedual system? In exchange for the military and other services, a lord (landowner) granted land to a vassel.
Why did the feudal system often resulted in complicated alliances? The same noble might be a vassal to several different lords.
What is the feudal social classes? There were three groups- those who prayed, those who fought, and those who worked. Social class was usualy inherited.
What is the mutual obligations between lord and serfs under the manor system? In exchange of housing, land, and protection, serfs haf to preform tasks to maintain the estate and to pay several different kinds of taxes.
What was the reason why the serfs rarely had to leave their manor? The manor was practically self-sufficient, producing almost everything needed for daily life.
What kind of sword did the pope hold? The pope held a spiritual sword.
What was the main duty of knights? The main duty of knights is to fight for new land.
What is Chivlary? Chivlary is a code of conduct that the knights are supposed to follow.
What were the troubadour's songs about? The troubadour's songs were about the joys and sorrows of romantic love.
How were noble and poor women alike? Noble and poor women were alike because most women in feudal society had little power.
Who did the page and squires look up to? The pages and squires looked up to knight.
What are four things that knights must have? Knights must have respect, honesty, love, and loylty.
When was Charlemagne crowned as the roman Emperor? In 800, Charlemagne was crowned emperor.
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