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CE Ch 4 Vocabulary B


Anti-Semitism Unfounded prejudice against the Jewish People.
Marks of the Church The four essential signs or characteristics of Christ's Church that mark her as his true Church - one, holy, catholic & apostolic.
Bishops Successors to the Apostles who govern the local Church in given dioceses & the worldwide Church in union with the Pope & college of bishops; they receive the fullness of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.
Society Any community of human beings that unties them in a common purpose.
Heresy An obstinate denial after Baptism to believe a truth that must be believed with divine & Catholic faith, or an obstinate doubt about such truth.
Apostasy The denial of Christ and the repudiation of the Christian Faith by a baptized Christian.
Schism A major break in Church unity. The Great ____ occurred between churches of the West (Rome) & the East (Constantinople.) Without approval of Church-wide council of bishops, Rome added "and the Son" to Nicene Creed referring to the Holy Spirit proceeding
Protestant A baptized Christian who does not accept all the teachings of the Catholic Church; these communities came into existence during the Reformation of the 16th century.
Saints "Holy ones" of God who live in union with God through Jesus Christ's grace & the Holy Spirit's power and whom God rewards with eternal life in Heaven.
Communion of Saints The unity in Christ of all those he has redeemed - the Church on earth, in Heaven and in Purgatory.
Canonization A process that recognizes the particular example of a Christian who has led a good and holy life & died a death faithful to Jesus and declares the person to be a saint.
Purgatory The state of purification that takes place after death for those who need to be made clean and holy before meeting the all-holy God in Heaven.
Assumption Church dogma that teaches that the Blessed Mother, b/c of her unique role in her Son's Resurrection, was taken directly to Heaven when her earthly life was over; feast on Aug. 15 is a holy day of obligation.
Ecumenical Council Worldwide, official assembly of bishops under direction of Pope. There have been 21, the most recent being the Second Vatican.
Evangelical Counsels Vows of personal poverty, chastity understood as lifelong celibacy & obedience to the demands of the community being joined that those entering consecrated life profess.
Hierarchy Official, sacred leadership in the Church, made up of church's ordained ministers - bishops, priests, & deacons. Symbol of unity & authority in Church is the Pope, the Bishop of Rome, successor of St. Peter.
Religious Life Vocation of men or women who take vows to live out the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity, and obedience.
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