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M10 L 3,4,5 M11 L1

What is chivalry? It is the code of conduct for knights.
What are the values that knights have to follow? It is love, compassion, loyalty, and respect.
What are the steps to knighthood? It is a paige, then squire, then last it is a knight.
What is a Paige? Your are around seven to fourteen, and you are learning things like good manners.
What does a squire do? A squire learns how to fight on horses, and the do tourtments.
What is a knight? A knight is the top of the chain, and they are the ones that go out to fight, and protect the lady that they love and God.
What is a serf? It is basically the peasent of the group for feudalism.
What is feulalism? it is the way that society works, ie; you do this work for me, I will protect you.
What is the masters job? The master has to get the knights to be able to protect the land, and has to run the entire area and make sure there is enough for everyone.
Could noble women inherit estates? Yes
Did peasant women have many rights? No, they were mostly in the fields, and they were usually tortured.
Why was there a collapese in the Roman empire? Invaders overran more than half of the Roman Empire.
What was this time period called? The Middle Ages.
How long did the middle ages last? It lasted for over 1000 years, from the year 500 to 1500.
Why were there such large population shifts? People were fleeing from the old cities.
Why was the Church so powerful? The Church was able to read and write, and eventually it became corrupted.
What was everyone's main goal in life? Everyone's main goal in life was to go to heaven.
What were the vikings known as? They were known as Germanic tribes.
What was the lord's estate called? It was called the Manor.
What were some of the things that people made on the Manor's? The made the metal horseshoe, and they also made a new type of horse harness.
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