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Flavin MLE ch 8

Flavin MLE Ch 8 Statutory Reporting & Public Duties

A misuse or improper use of something. Inappropriate treatment. Abuse
Habit or behavior whose compulsive draw enslaves the individual. Addiction
Law enacted in 1974 that requires the reporting of child abuse or suspected abuse. Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment Act of 1974
Specific disease or illness that can cause an epidemic or pandemic to the general public. Communicable disease
Dr or pathologist appointed to perform autopsies and testing to determine cause of death and time of death in suspicious deaths under circumstances when no person was in attendance of the death. Coroner
Program designed to help employees receive counseling for substance abuse or other issues of abuse, without fear of losing their jobs; may offer legal and financial counseling as well. EAP
Investigation into a suspicious death, including autopsy and other investigation, to determine time and cause of death. Inquest
Examination that is performed on an individual after death. Postmortem
Community-wide recording of individual key human events such as births, deaths, marriages, or divorces. Vital statistics
Births, Deaths, Disease, Criminal acts, and Abuse are all: Statutory Report Duties
Communicable diseases are mandated by local health department and _______ (legal & ethical mandate) CDC
A person must have what in order to acquire a SSN, register for school, apply for a driver's license or passport? Birth Certificate
______ is waived in the following cases: Communicable diseases, Criminal acts, Subpoena, Workers' Comp injuries. HIPAA
Laws regarding the reporting of ________vary, but many of the states have statutes that enable the provider or the local health departments to contact any known partners, spouses, or needle-sharing companions. HIV/AIDS
Anybody that works in a high risks medical setting for infected patients should be routinely ____________ screened
Does a healthcare worker have to disclose to their patients they are HIV + or have AIDS? NO
If a child has repeated injuries or illnesses that are unexplained, would it be known as "battered child syndrome"? YES
What act protects adults older than age 60 from abuse, neglect, abandonment, and exploitation? The 1987 Older Americans Act
Who oversees all providers that are licensed to prescribe drugs? DEA & FDA
High potential for abuse with no accepted use in the US would be what schedule drug? I
Narcotics fall into all schedules but ___ 5
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