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Module 11

Church And Society In Western Europe

What were so important about churches? They shaped the lives of people from all social classes.
Why did popes use the threat of excommunication? To wield power over political rulers.
What happened to the Holy Roman Empire after Frederick I's death? It fell into pieces.
How did Henry IV try to win his throne back? Asking the pope for forgiveness.
How was Otto rewarded after invading Italy? He was crowned emperor.
What created divisions among people? Feudalism and the Manor System.
What were so important about Frederick's fighting skills? It enabled him to dominate the German princes.
What did the fall of Constantinople cause? The weaken of they Byzantine Empire.
What did the Crusades represent in Europe? Increased persecution.
Due to the Crusades, what was lost? Thousands of knights.
What was weakened due to the Crusades? Power of pope and church.
What returned after the Crusades? Trade and learning.
When did people start organizing their land with three fields? Around 800 AD.
What is a Guild? An organization of individuals in the same business or occupation working to improve the economic and social conditions of its members.
Who began using Craft Guilds? Skilled artisans
What else besides agriculture was expanding? Trade and finance.
What was the Commercial Revolution? Expansion of trade and business.
Who invaded England before William the Conqueror? Danish Vikings.
Why was the Magna Carta important? It limited the power of kings.
How did the kings of France gain more control over their subjects? Stronger, central government.
What created the Great Schism? Lots of confusion.
What were three effects of the plague? Towns became smaller, trade declined, and prices rose.
What role did Joan of Arc play in the Hundred Years' War? She led France to victory.
How was Philip II a successful king? He made a strong central government and tripled the land under his control.
Who was the first leader of the Capetian Dynasty? Hugh Capet.
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