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G9 Midterm review

G9 Midterm

Archaeologist Someone who digs up artifacts and fossils to learn about the past.
Fossils Remains of a living thing.
Artifact Man made object from the past.
Economist Someone who studies money and resources.
Geographer Someone who studies geographic features and its effect on people.
Nomads People who wander from place to place in search of food.
Neolithic Revolution People figured out how to farm.
River Valleys Rivers that bring FERTILE SOIL!
Monotheism Belief in one GOD.
Judiaism Abraham started. Torah. Believed in one GOD.
Polytheism Belief in many gods.
Hinduism India. Reincarnation. If you do your Dharma you have good Karma.
Cultural Diffusion SPREAD of ideas from one group to another.
Ethnocentrism When you think your culture is better than other cultures.
Mesopotamian Rivers Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.
Cuneiform Writing system using pictures in Mesopotamia.
Code of Hammurabi 1st set of laws. Harsh and unequal.
Indian Rivers Indus and Ganges Rivers.
Monsoons Seasonal winds. Rainy for long periods of time and dry for long periods of time.
Reincarnation Reborn into a new caste
Caste System Class system where everyone has a job and a place.
Buddhism Buddha, Eight-fold path, 4 Noble truths and Nirvana.
Gupta Golden Age of India. Invented Decimals.
Chinese Rivers Huang He (Yellow and Yangtze Rivers.
Silk Road Trade route which had a lot of cultural diffusion.
Dynastic Cycle Old Dynasty --> New Dynasty --> Repeat.
Confucius Wanted to bring ORDER to Chinese society.
Filial Piety Respect your elders.
Legalism Strict laws with harsh punishments in China.
Geography of Greece Mountainous, peninsula, islands, lack of fertile land.
City-State A city that acts like its own country.
Oligarchy A rule by a few people.
Democracy A rule by all people.
Hellenistic Culture A blending of Greek, Egyptian, Persian and Indian culture. (CULTURAL DIFFUSION)
Roman Geography Small mountains, fertile land, irregular coastline, peninsula.
12 Tables Laws to protect common people.
Government Republic --> people are represented in government.
Christianity Monotheistic. Jesus is the son of God. The Bible.
Created by: jmanzella