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What did the Mayans build? The civilization seen in the Americas, extending from the lowlands of the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico to the highlands of present-day Guatemala in Honduras.
What are achievements of the Mayan people? They made a mathematical system and a written language.
What helped the Aztec empire become one of the most powerful empires in the Americas? Efficient government and farming techniques.
What made the Aztecs have many enemies? Constant warfare.
What is on the Mexican flag? The Aztec symbol of the eagle and the snake.
What is Mexico the producer of? Automobiles, oil, electronic appliances, and cotton cloth.
When was the Maya around? (1000B.C.-900A.D.)
What place has a spine of mountains that runs down its center? Central America.
What does Central America and Southern Mexico have in common? Thick Rain Forests
When were the Aztecs around? 14th century -16th century
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