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early humans-allie

mr.b-fienstein middle school

the time period before writing Prehistory
these people examine objects to learn about people from the past archaeologists
stories passed down from generation to generation oral traditions
recorded events of people history
people with no specific home nomads
soil that contains the substances plants need fertile
to tame animals domesticate
people who move from their homelands migration
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act n.a.g.p.r.a
Of or relating to a prehistoric human culture widespread throughout North America clovis
the butt of a spear atlatl
a person having to do with the caucasion race cocazoid
the latest part of the stone age neolithic age
a chemical process used to find how old a artifact is radio carbon dateing
a small change over generation-in a small population genetic drift
deals with forming animals and plants morthology
to have more then needed surplus
a network of canals to supply land with water from another place irrigation
workers who are espacially skilled in makeing items such as baskets, leathergoods, tools,pottery, and or cloth artisans
a society that has cities and a central government run by official leaders and workers who specialize in verious jobs civilization
different groups of people depending on their backgrounds social classes
smithsonian institude full of natural history.the world’s preeminent museum and research complex.
push factor something that pushes you away from a certain area or certain thing
pull factor something that pulls you in to a certain area or certain thing
The worlds largest museum complex and research orginizationcomposed fo 19 musuems, 9 research centers and the National Zoo located on the National Mall in Washington D.C Smithsonian Instituion
reddish-brownish metal used by early humans and civilizations before the Bronze Age to make tools and weapons. copper
10 years. example 2001-2010 decade
20 years score
100 years century
1000 years millenium
long period of time era or epoch
Created by: allie04
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