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Bible 11 Final 1stSe

Pentateuch first 5 books of Bible
# of old testament books 39
# of new testament books 27
Main writer of new testament books Paul
# of gospel 4
Epistle Letter
General Revelation Creation
Special Revelation The Bible
Inspiration God-breathed
Canon Measurement
Observation What does it say?
Interpretation What does it mean?
Application What does it mean to me?
Sovereign In control, rule
Holy Set Apart
Immutable Does not change
Love Unconditional
Omniscience All knowing
Omnipresence Present Everywhere
Omnipotence All powerful
Eternity Has always existed
Truth He is true
Mercy Compassion
How did Christ show he was a human? slept, wept, hungry, tired
How did Christ show he was a God? Had attributes of God
Title of Christ deity Emmanuel, Lord, I am
How did Christ seen as a savior The way, the truth, the life
3 terms of Christ prophet, priest, king
3 "I ams" of Christ Light of the world, bread of life, door, good sheperd
Christ Work Paid for our sin, died as our substitute, redemption, made us alive, intercedes for us, forgive our sin
Evidence of salvation faith that work, love that labor, hope that endure
Abrahamic Covenent Land, Seed, Blessing
Define Love Seeking the best for the other
3 things make marriage Leave, Cleave, One Flesh
best foundation for marriage Jesus Christ
List and define definition of love in...? 1 Cor 13:4-8
5 major areas of marriage. triangle communication, money, sex, children raising, in-laws
Define Communication Process of sharing yourself, both verbally and nonverbally in such a way that the other person can both accept and understand what you are sharing.
3 parts of communication Actual Content, Tone of Voice, Nonverbal
Define Listening One should be able to respect both what the other person has said and what we thought he was feeling when he was speaking to us
List the characteristics of relationships from.... Eph 4:25-32
Define humility Willingly lowering oneself for the sake of the other (Philippians 2:3-4)
What is Gospel?: Bad news Rom 3:23, Rom 6:23
What is Gospel?: Good news Rom 5:8, Eph 2:8-9
Derfine Faith Trust in, depend on
Created by: BloodWriter
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