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Module 10

Early Middle Ages

How come the people needed to turn to the local leaders for help? Invasions by Vikings, Muslims, and Magyars was threatened them. They had no central government to protect them.
What were the three main groups of feudal society? Those who fought, prayed, and worked.
What was the job of peasants on the manor? Worked the land to grow food.
Why did the serfs rarely had to leave their manor? The manor almost had all the needs for daily life.
What were the mutual obligations of the feudal system? A landowner granted land to a vassal in exchange for military and other services.
What were three effects of Germanic invasions? The end of trade, decreasing importance of cities, and movement to rural areas.
What was the importance about Charles Martel's victory in 732? It made him a hero and halted a Muslim invasion.
How did Pepin the Short strengthen the Frankish kingdom? He fought the Lombards and was anointed by the pope.
What was the importance of Charlemagne's coronation as emperor? Signaled the joining of Germanic power, the church, and the heritage of the Roman Empire.
How did Charlemagne govern his unified kingdom? He sent out agents to see that counts governed their counties justly.
What was the main duty of knights? To fight for their kingdom.
What were two things knights trained for knighthood? Practiced fighting skills and to fight bravely.
What were the troubadours' songs about? Joys and sorrows of romantic love.
How were noble and poor women alike? They had little power.
How could you become a knight? You had to be born from a noble family.
Why did Vikings stop raiding monasteries? They accepted Christianity.
How was status determined in feudal system? Determined a person's prestige and power.
What was an advantage of a saddle? They kept warriors firmly seated while they were on a horse.
What years did Justinian rule his empire? 527-565 AD
When did the Byzantine Empire hit its peak? While Justinian was the emperor.
What happened with the plague? It killed lots of people.
What was one place that Justinian took over? The southern Iberian peninsula.
What city did Justinian rebuild? Constantinople.
What did Justinian reform? Roman Law.
What two continents does Russia connect? Europe and Asia.
What was the center of early Russia called? Kiev.
What were two groups that came to Russia first? Slavs and Vikings.
What was the written language in Russia? Cyrillic.
Who was the driving force behind Moscow's success? Ivan The Great
Created by: 23abatraki