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Flashcards from the WWII section

Nagasaki Bomb? August 9,1945, kills 70,000 instantly
Battle of the Bulge? Allies surround Germany, German counterattack in 1944, Germans forced to retreat
Nonagression pact? Stalin and Hitler agree to invade Poland together
What countries do the Soviets take? Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Finland, but met by oppression
Battle of Britain? Battle that demonstrated Hitler's attacks could be blocked, Hitler is shocked at resistance so he calls off attacks
Maginot Line? A system of fortifications along France's border with Germany
Luftwaffe? Name for Germany's air force
Nuremberg Laws? Laws that deprived Jews of rights in 1935
Germany surrenders? Germans surrounded, Hitler commits suicide, May 9, 1945, Roosevelt succeeded by Truman
D-Day? June 6, 1944, operation overlord, invasion of France, allies capture Normandy beaches, Paris liberated
What groups were considered inferior? Gypsies, Slavs, Poles, Russians, handicapped, homosexuals, Free Masons, Jehovah's witnesses
What was the turning point in North Africa? When British General Montgomery attacked at El Alamein and pushed Rommel back, Rommel defeated in 1943
Nuremberg Trails? 22 Nazi leaders put on trial for war crimes
Battle of Guadalcanal? Allied victory
What do the British use against the Germans? Air force, radar, code-breaking
Kristallnacht? Night of the Broken Glass, Nazi stormtroopers attack Jews, turning-point for Germans
Holocaust? The systematic mass killing of Jews and other "inferior" groups
What stops German forces in Russia? Long seige as Leningrad, harsh winter conditions in Moscow
Battle of the Coral Sea? May 1942, Americans stop Japanese, U.S. introduce ships with planes
Battle of Midway? Japanese send powerful fleet to capture Midway Islands, U.S. destroys Japan's navy, turning-point for U.S.
Erwin Rommel? Commander of Hitler's crack German tank force the Afrika Korps, beats British in Africa
When does Japan attack Peal Harbor? December 7, 1941
Dunkirk? French port city near Belgium from which a fleet of British ships and civilian crafts evacuated trapped soldiers
Ghettos? Segregated areas in cities for Jews
3 phases of Nazi terror? Restriction and Segregation, Expulsion and Exclusion, extermination
Dwight D. Eisenhower? American commander in Morocco
What causes Isoroku Yamamato to plan an attack? Roosevelt cuts off oil shipments to Japan
War in U.S.? 17-18 million workers make weapons, shortage of consumer good, propaganda, Japanese Americans face prejudice
Turning point for allies? Battle of Stalingrad-German troops surrender after they capture city
Winston Churchill? British prime minister during WWII, vows to never surrender
Hiroshima bomb? August 6, 1945, kills 75,000
Manhattan Project? Secret program to develop an atomic bomb
Final Solution? Hitler's long-term plan, program for Jews, genocide
Lend-lease act? U.S. loans weapons to other countries fighting Germany
Charles de Gaulle? French general who organized the Free French military forces to fight the Nazis
War in Japan? Allies move to take Philippines, Battle of Leyte Gulf damages Japanese navy
Kamikaze? Japanese pilots who fly suicide missions
What was the Phoney War? Britain and France declare war on Germany but nothing happens the first few months
Atlantic Charter? Agreement between Roosevelt and Churchill that upheld free trade among nations and the people's rights to choose their own government
Douglas MacArthur? American commander in the Pacific who invented "island-hopping" to attack weak Japan bases
Blitzkrieg? Germany's military strategy of "lighting war"
What else does Japan do? Attack U.S., take Phillippines, capture British holding, conquer Dutch East Indies, capture Burma, abuse prisoners of war
Nazis? German political party that claimed Aryans as master race
American Policy? Want to avoid war, want to strengthen allies, use oceans to protect themselves
When do the Nazis invade Poland? September 1, 1939
Key ideas of Mein Kampf? Germans are master race, terror will succeed, Hitler was the savior, a pure race is a good race, strong will dominate
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