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Last History Test

Flashcards from the section covering loose ends

Who made claims to Palestine? The Jews and the Palestinians
What happens to the Jews and Palestinians? UN votes to make one state for both of them
Who attacks Israel? Arab neighbors, but Israel repels attacks and takes new territory
What causes the Suez Crisis? Arab-Israeli tensions, Egypt takes Suez Canal, British and French back Israel and take canal, Israel returns canal due to pressure
What happened in the Six-Day war? Israel defeats Arab neighbors and takes land, Anwar Sadat launches attack on Israel, Israel launches counterattack and reclaims land
Who was Anwar Sadat? Egyptian leader
Who was Golda Meir? Israeli leader
What was the PLO? Palestine Liberation Organization, formed by Palestinians who wanted their own state, led by Yasir Arafat
What were the Camp David Accords? Egyptian and Israeli peace treaty, recognize each other as states, extremists get angry and kill Sadat
What were the Oslo Peace Accords? Secret talks result in treaty, Israeli leader wants Palestinian rule, Rabin assassinated, peace plan stalls
What was the Politburo? Ruling committee of communists who rule USSR harshly
Who was Mikhail Gorbachev? Leader of Soviet Union after Brezhnev, promotes glasnost-openness, and perestroika-economic restructuring
What does Gorbachev do? Wants democracy, signs arms agreement with the U.S., wants more reforms, rebelled against by old time communists, quits
Who was Boris Yeltsin? Rallies people against Communism and sides with Gorbachev, rallies against protestors, takes over and tries shock therapy
What was the CIS? Commonwealth of Independent States, formed after Gorbachev resigns
What was shock therapy? Quick transition of market, brings economic chaos, hardship, and political troubles
What happened in Chechnya? Declares independence from Russia, attempted to be stopped by Yeltsin, fighting drags on, problems continue
Who was Lech Walesa? Leader of polish labor union solidarity, becomes national hero, becomes president
What happened in Hungary? Voters elected non-Communist government, Democracy thrives, Hungary joins NATO
Berlin Wall? East Germany closes its borders, new leader opens Berlin Wall, communism collapses
Reunification? Merging of the two Germanys, East Germany is in poor shape and needs rebuilding
Who was Helmut Kohl? German leader who raises taxes but was voted out of office
Who were the two German leaders after Kohl? Gerhard Schroeder and Angela Merkel
Who was Vaclav Havel? Leads anti-communist protests in Czechoslovakia, elected president, brings bad economic reforms
What happens when Czechoslovakia splits? The Czech Repulic's economy grows slower than the Slovakian economy
Who was Ivan Gasparovic? President of Slovakia, joins NATO and EU
What happened in Romania? Cruel leaders are in charge, coWmmunism collapses, the leaders are eventually killed, economy lags, no positive progress
What happens in Yugoslavia? 8 ethnic groups in 6 republics, Milsevic, their leader, tries to control the whole country as one
What happens to Bosnia and Herzegoniva? Serbs practice ethnic cleansing but the UN eventually establishes peace
Who was Yasir Arafat? Led the Palestinians in the PLO
What was Al-Quaeda? A muslim terrorist group founded by Osoma Bin Laden and the first truly global terrorist organization in history
Who led Al-Quaeda and where was it based? Ayman al-Zawahiri led the group based in Afghanistan
Who was Osoma Bin Laden? Founded Al-Quaeda, strict muslim, thought everything was a plot against the Arabs
How many people did the bomber truck kill? Killed 6 and wounded 1,000
What did Al-Quaeda call 9/11? The Manhattan Project
What was targeted on 9/11? World Trade Center, Pentagon, White House, and Capital Building
What did the targets represent? Economic strength, military strength, and democracy
What did the U.S. create after 9/11? Homeland Security
What happened in the U.S. after 9/11? Repression of freedoms due to a growing fear of radical Muslims
Created by: alexprice