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Semester 1 WHAP Review

Daoism Balance within nature (medicine) -Detachment from worldly affairs.
Confucianism Founded by Confucius. Analects. 5 key relationships- Parent/Child, Ruler/Subject, Husband/Wife, Older/younger sibling, older/younger friends. Built on Filial Piety- respect for elders( complete obedience) Womens job is to get married
Civil service exam Started by Han - Merit based system
Han China Education, merit based bureaucracy, gov jobs
Mandate of Heaven Developed later in History. Used to justify power of Chinese emperors because they lost the trust from the gods. Picked those who behaved in moral and upright behavior.
Qin China Held all of China. Had to be very strong rulers to gain control of such a large empire (38 years)
Junzi Ren Li 1. Superior man (educated and moral) 2. Moral and just (Kindness, not a pushover) 3. Proper behavior (rituals) done everything correctly to respect elders and ancestors
Created by: Madison_N