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Stack #29333

Mod B Unit 2 Words Thompson Institute hbg

aden/o gland
-al pertaining to
angi/o blood
blast/i immature
cyt/o cell
-cyte cell
-itis inflammation
lymph/o lymph
-lysis destruction
-lytic reduce, destroy
macro- large
megal/o large
-megaly large
mono- one
neur/o nerve
-oid resembling
-oma tumor
-osis disease
-phage one that eats
plasm/o molded or formed
-rrhagia hemorrage
sarc/o cancer of connective tissue
splen/o spleen
tox/o poison
cytomegalovirus herpes-like virus
lymphadenitis swollen glands
lymphangioma tumor of lymphatic vessels
lymphocytes a type of WBC
lymphosarcoma malignant tumor in lymphoid tissue
neuroblastoma cancer of nerve cells
sarcoma malignant tumor of the connective tissue
splenomegaly enlargement of the spleen
splenorrhagia hemorrhaging of the spleen
toxoplasmosis infection with a protozoan parasite
antibody a substance developed in response to a specific antigen
antigen substance that stimulates the production of antibodies
ARC AIDS related complex
aspergillosis infection caused by a fungus which causes lesions
dyscrasia any disease
ELISA Enzyme-linked immunoassay
GC gonorrhea
immunodeficiency inadequate immune system
immunosuppression interference with immune system
nosocomial hospital acquired infection
Created by: shady123